Be Careful What You Ask For, It’ll Come Your Way

I admit it, I am a hobby collector. I have painted, knitted, scrapbooked, drawn; you name a craft, I’ve at least dabbled in it. The one constant hobby though has been writing. With my writing, I have had periods of inspiration and periods of stagnation. In my periods of stagnation, I like to turn to Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. In this book Julia talks about the universe responding to our desires and needs. There have been times in the past when the universe has responded but I haven’t. Several years ago I was focused on painting. I sold two paintings and a friend gave me a lead on a gallery interested in my work. I said I didn’t have the time to pursue the lead but really it was fear that held me back. Here was the universe offering me opportunity to follow my dreams and I walked away.

This year I started my second mat leave. I decided with the time crunch of motherhood, I’d focus just on writing for 2013. Within a week of making that decision the universe started offering opportunities. Here’s what they’ve looked like so far:

•I received an email about Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 opportunity (Thank you Children’s Book Insider for the email). The aim is to write a story a month and then there is the opportunity to send it into a publisher where it gets read ahead of the slush pile. I signed up.

•A critique group I put my name down for fell through, so I took up the reins and started my own group. We now have a great group of six members.

•I met a mommy blogger (Donna at I’ve been interested in blogging for some time and I recognised connecting with her as an opportunity to learn more. Through talking with her I learned about starting up, got some tips of things to avoid, and got a list of recommended reading. I’m reading two of the books currently and learning a lot.

•While surfing the internet I came across an on-line course on starting up a wordpress site and I decided to go for it. Now here I am setting up my own blog on keeping sanity and me time while being a mother.

It’s only May and I feel so many great opportunities have come my way already. And this time I’m not walking away from them. 2013 is my year of writing and my year of saying yes.

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