Amendment: The Universe Doesn’t Respond to Fitness Requests

So I have to make an amendment to my claim in the previous post. When I say the universe responds to our wants, for me it doesn’t seem to hold truth when it comes to statements about getting in shape. In April, I told my husband and some friends, “April is my month of fit.” I joined a site where you record what you eat and started working out two to three times a week.

However, I forgot about Easter. Those mini-eggs came out at my mother-in-law’s and then found their way into my house and then Purdy’s had all those yummy chocolate bunnies…well, that was the end of April as the month of fit.

I should have known better. Any month that celebrates chocolate is not a good month to claim a month of fit…so that means February, April, October, November (left over Halloween chocolate), December and January (left over chocolate again) are all out. June, July, and August aren’t ideal either-all those patios and cold beers and cocktails to be enjoyed. Really that only leaves March, May, and September as viable options in my book.

So I decided to try again, May is a great month for month of fit. It did start off great, until I got sick. For some people, being sick means loss of appetite and they lose weight. I am not one of those people. I rarely ever lose my appetite. I’m bummed, I eat. I’m happy, I eat. I’m healthy, I eat. I’m sick, I eat. This also hasn’t been just a bit of the sniffles, it is a lung infection that has knocked me over (right onto the couch actually, loving cookies and donuts and tea).

If I am honest, maybe my underlying lack of conviction is the real cause of my trip-ups. After all, at the end my mommy and me boot camp class, all I want is a McDonald’s egg McMuffin sandwich and copious hash browns. And it isn’t will power that stops me from actually getting them, it is time. The class ends at 11:30 and McDonald’s stops serving breakfast at 11.

Maybe I will try again in June. June will be my month of fit. It will just also have to be, at least in my world, the month that cold beers and cocktails are calorie free…

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One Response to Amendment: The Universe Doesn’t Respond to Fitness Requests

  1. gwen says:

    It is easy to say but just relax and say” this too shall pass.” Be kind to yourself . Before you know it you will be packing school lunches and driving them to after school soccer.

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