New Link Identified Between Fatigue, Sunscreen, and Drive-Throughs

You know you are tired when going to Ikea for dinner with two kids (and the rest of the masses) seems like a good idea. Ikea is never a good idea. It’s a necessary occasional evil that you come out of with at least double you meant to. “But these pillows just leaped into my cart and these napkins, well, I might eventually have company over again sometime in the future…ok, the far future…but hey, it’s not like napkins go bad.” And bringing kids into the equation, well, if you have kids or have ever seen kids at Ikea, enough said.

You know you are tired when you contemplate going through the McDonald’s drive-through for milk rather than dealing with taking both kids out of their car seats and facing a grocery store. It’s as a mom that I’ve realised the lack of drive-through services in society. There are some drive-through Starbucks locations but there should really be more. A drive-through liquor store is the dream of any parent with a child in the terrible twos (unless mine is the only one who tries to reorganise the bottles and loses it when he’s told he can’t). A drive-through grocery store with the basics would be good – by basics, I mean diapers, wipes, genie diaper refills, juice, milk, bread, cheese, and cheerios. A drive-through pharmacy would be useful too. And have I mentioned a drive-through liquor store…?

You know you are tired when you are putting diaper cream on your child’s bum and realise the consistency’s off. It’s not the thick, goopy mess it should be; it’s thin and easy to put on. Then the realisation dawns on you, “Oh, I put sunscreen on his bum again”. Yes, again. I’ve done this several times. At least it gives me a good laugh and should my son choose to run naked outside, his bum is covered.

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2 Responses to New Link Identified Between Fatigue, Sunscreen, and Drive-Throughs

  1. Cath Hay says:

    Ha Ha! I know exactly what you mean. It was in those years that I thought all 7-11s should have a drive through window. But I never thought of McD’s to pick up milk–brilliant! “Can I just have 6 Milk-to-go’s to go?!”

  2. Ooo, a drive-through 7-11 would be a great idea! I’ll add it to my list:)

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