Creative Kids Moment: Painted Pages Art

One way I get my creative fix is to do art with C.  At only 26 months, I find many art projects I do with him are actually joint ventures.  C is especially keen on painting with a paint brush right now and it’s great for his fine motor development so win-win.  Here’s one activity that incorporates painting and his love of vehicles (though you could do it with any image).

Creative Kids 1.0Supplies:                                                                                     -Paint (I have Crayola finger paint.  It’s non-toxic and wipes up easily but any paint would do)                              -Brushes (I have thick handled ones from Melissa and Doug that are easy for C to hold though again you could use any you have.)                                                                    -Paper


Creative Kids 1.11)    Make colour pages.  I give C paint of one colour and let him cover a whole page in that colour.  C is really interested in colours right now so while painting the red pages, for example, we talk about what is red (i.e. firetrucks, strawberries) and I help him notice red around the room.

2)    Pick images.  I google images I know my child likes as clip art (i.e. “clip art firetrucks”) and then pick a simple one so it’ll be easy to draw.  I’ll put up a window for several different images of things he likes and then get C to choose which one he wants to make today. 

3)    Cut shapes.  Once the colour pages are dry I cut out the shapes we need to make the image (then we can also talk about shapes and group shapes) or I just draw the image on a painted page and then cut it out.  If the image is made of shapes, I have C help me glue them  together hand over hand.

Creative Kids 1.24)    Outline image with a Sharpie.  I find this helps make the image be bold and clear.

5)    Add stickers.  On most of our art work we add dollar store stickers to decorate (see train below).

Creative Kids 1.5

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3 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Painted Pages Art

  1. Elaan says:

    That’s cool! And easy. 🙂

  2. Love this project idea! Going to do it with my son. Thanks for sharing!!

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