Creative Kids Moment: Foam Sticker Bookmarks

Many times, if we were keeping score, it feels like the Terrible Twos are winning (Terrible Twos: 5 million   Mommy: 1 or 2).  But today felt like a win for mommy and for C.  C’s been having trouble with allowing Q to be in the Jolly Jumper, like absolute Terrible Two tantrum kind of trouble.  He wants to have a turn in it too – heck, I even think it would be fun.  Obviously, it’s not so much of an option here however.

We have tried different strategies, such as giving him special 1-to-1 time with mommy or daddy while Q is in the jumper, but he hasn’t bought into any.  We’ve ended up just using it when he isn’t around or awake.  But since Q loves it so much, I figured I’d try once more with, yet again, another strategy.

One of C’s current love affairs is stickers.  Therefore I got a craft all set up in front of him that involved foam stickers.  He wasn’t allowed to touch any of the supplies though until we found a special activity for Q too.  I suggested the jolly jumper and he seemed okay with that idea.  I had him help me carry it out to set it up.  It totally worked!  He happily did his toddler art and Q happily jumped away.  This art project is all pre-fab but it works if you need to bribe your need to child to do something just have 10-15 minutes and don’t want any fuss or muss.

 Sticker Bookmarks

Creative Kids 2.0Supplies:             Creative Kids 2.1

  • Foam stickers including letters
  • Foam bookmarks


Creative Kids 2.21)  C picked people to give bookmarks to.  Then I put the letters of their names into containers with some relevant stickers (ex: baseball ones for daddy cause he likes baseball, etc)

2)  For one side, I handed C the letters in order (and right side up) to spell the names.

3)  For the other side, he just took stickers and added them as he wanted (I have to peel the backs off them still).

Creative Kids 2.3Easy-peasy, no muss, no fuss.  Yet happy kids and also gifts for some Creative Kids 2.4readers we know!

BTW:  There are also foam door signs (they hang off the handle) that we will do another time.

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4 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Foam Sticker Bookmarks

  1. Cathy says:

    Fabulous! So great that c is such an arts and crafts kid!

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