Toddler-friendly Summer Bucket List

It seems like there’s a Bucket List going around for everything so I’m jumping in too.  Here’s my toddler friendly Summer 2013 Bucket List.

1)      Buy an ice-cream from an ice-cream truck

2)      Roast marshmallows

3)      Try a new ice-cream flavour at an ice-cream shop

4)      Have a silly string war

5)      Go to Rocky Point water park

6)      Dance at an outdoor music festival (fingers crossed I can find a child-friendly one locally)

7)      Swim in a lake or river

8)      Draw with sidewalk chalk

9)       Go to a farmers market

10)    Learn to ride a strider bike

11)   Pet animals at a petting zoo (NOT look at animals in cages.  I really hope the open concept petting zoos still exist.  Maybe they were too stressful for animals?)

12)   Make a video with the underwater camera

13)   Run through a sprinkler

14)   Try playing mini-golf

15)   Go to the zoo

16)   Put on fake tattoos

17)    Make a blanket fort

18)    Make and eat popsicles

19)    Get face painted

20)   Have a picnic in a field near where planes take off

Below are some links to my favourite images for ways to record  bucket list ideas (fingers crossed the links work once posted).  For me if ideas are visually presented, they are more likely to be remembered and done.   Let the fun begin!

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10 Responses to Toddler-friendly Summer Bucket List

  1. cathy says:

    maplewood farms in north van. You get to go and pet and hang out with animals, tractor rides, etc. Let me know if a day works for you and we can go together

  2. danyel123 says:

    I really like the idea of having a summer bucket list in general. BUT I think the one I like the most is the clothes-pins around a bucket-then you can toss them right in the bucket when you’ve done it! More realistically I would do the popsicle stick idea-I like that you can randomly pull one out when you’re at a loss of what to do for the day. I’m planning to steal this ‘toddler’ bucket-list for myself! No such thing as growing out of these fun summer ideas!

  3. Cath Hay says:

    You’ve inspired me. Every summer I love hanging out with my boys, but then each day starts with hours of “What should we do today?” So that’s it. We’ll make our list, cut it up, put it in a hat, and draw from it each day. Awesome.
    And a petting zoo—have you been to Maplewood Farms? My guys still love it! That’ll be on our bucket list for sure.

  4. Carol says:

    Queens Park in New Westminster still has a petting zoo.

  5. So glad to know open concept petting zoos still exist – and I have two local options to choose from even!

  6. Lauren says:

    There’s a few places around the Pitt Meadows airport to picnic. You can often see the parachuters landing and there is safe path to practice riding a strider bike right along Airport Way.
    Enjoy those summer days!

  7. Ooo, that sounds so fun. I’ll definitely look into that location!

  8. Marnie says:

    If you are still looking for an outdoor kid friendly concert. Bobs and Lolo are performing an outdoor concert in port coquitlam as part of the home coming and car show weekend on the 17th of August one show at 1pm and 3pm meet and greet at 3:30pm but please double check details just to be sure.

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