Mid-Summer Update

Q is 6 ½ months now-where has the time gone?!  She is a generally happy little girl with a BIG voice.  Her volume seriously must be a record as, happy or upset, the noise she can create is mind boggling.  As for current talents, Q is now sitting up, rolling over (and across rooms-that child can get around), and has started solids.  Her bald spot is almost gone now too and –big newsflash-I felt her first tooth today.  It is on its way up!  Q continues to be a challenge to dress and now, with the introduction of solids, the challenge has broadened.  Seriously, how do two little arms feel like twenty?!  And, wow, can she ever get a death grip on a spoon!

C is 27 months old and doing well.  He fully recovered from the febrile seizure and is back to go-go-go.  His language is developing in leaps and bounds.  When he is frustrated, he can tell us why; when he wants something, he can tell us what; when he’s happy, he can tell us what is making him feel that way.  It is so fabulous.  I think his improved communication is in part why his pushing has greatly decreased-some of the frustration is gone. Perhaps it is also because he is better adjusted to Q now too.  I am not sure but I am loving the change.  Slowly I am encouraging him to interact more with other children again in unfamiliar situations.  So far it has been all positive.  Yay, yay, yay!

Here is an update on other posts:

My writing is going well, though there are definitely days it’s a struggle to make the time and effort.  I find I have been able to write at least four times a week (that includes blog writing).  As well, I’ve been submitting regularly to the publishers from Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12 opportunity.  The last two rejection letters have been my best yet.  What are good rejection letters, you may wonder.  Instead of just rejecting the story, they say what they like about the story and what they didn’t like.  Constructive criticism like that is very appreciated.  The last one said she liked my “voice” in my story.  That is a compliment I am happy to hear!  So I will take what I can get:)

As for the Month of Fit, it is on-going (longest and most sporadic Month of Fit EVER).  I have about 10-15 lbs to go.  Given I had gained about 50 lbs with my pregnancy, I’m ok with that.  I’ve hit a bit of a plateau and recently had my thyroid tested.  I have hypothyroid.  It was actually a relief to understand why it has felt like I’m exercising in water lately!  Supposedly it is common to have thyroid fluctuations post pregnancy so hopefully it’ll all just work itself out and I’ll get off this plateau.  I want to be able to wear a larger variety of my clothes again!

My quest for finding connections in Coquitlam continues.  I belong to a few mother groups on the Meet-ups site (www.meetup.com).  This is a site where you put in your interest(s) and your location and it connects you with groups that look to fill those needs.  I have been trying to be proactive and make time for mommy outings and it has been paying off.  I have made a few connections that hold promise to be more than just acquaintance material:)

Sleep, another quest o f mine, has been generally improving…slightly.  Maybe I’m also getting used to it.  There is often at least one 4-5 hour stretch per night.  Otherwise she is feeding every three hours (sometimes every two) at night.   The fatigue continues to cause mix ups.  I switched it up recently though.  Rather than putting sunscreen on C’s bum (instead of diaper cream), this time I put diaper cream on his face (instead of sunscreen).  Oh well, I sorted it out in the end.

As for our Summer Bucket List, we have knocked some points off the list (notably we have gone to Rocky point water park, swam in a lake, got our faces painted, and are making progress on the strider bike).  I don’t know if we will get through all the items though as we have been so busy with summer fun that wasn’t even on the list (vacation in Whistler with grandparents, visiting other grandparents on one of the Gulf Islands, time with cousins, wine on the deck with my wonderful J).  Regardless, it is proving to be an eventful and fun summer (with amazing weather) and I am grateful for it.

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