The Terrific/Terrible Twos, Toothbrushing, and Toilet Training

As C is approaching 2 and a half, his independence and intelligence is growing in leaps and bounds.  It is a mind bogglingly terrific and, in turns, terrible age.  On the terrific side, he is so intrigued and awed by everything.  It is inspiring.  He is constantly, and literally, reminding me to stop and smell the flowers.  He is talking and telling us how he feels; he is finding out he can jump and likes music and can sing songs on his own.  He wants to count everything and is recognising the alphabet all around him (and then singing his version of the ABCs).  He can be an absolute delight to be with and there are moments I want to freeze and hold his hand in mine forever.

On the terrible side, we have had a couple of the throw-himself-down-on-the-floor-refuse-to-move-farther moments (thankfully only a few…so far).  We have had days where mama is counting to 10 and breathing…a lot.  There are days is seems he adds new dents to our walls and corners every half hour and I feel I have said “no” more in one day than there have been minutes in that day.  As part and parcel of this independence, we are starting to have struggles to get him to co-operate at times (ok, some days it is a LOT of the time).  Bring into all this that I feel it is time to start prepping for toilet training means it is time to start strategizing…

So here is the incentive plan I am starting with for tooth brushing (a recent struggle) and for toilet training (we are just encouraging him to get comfortable with the idea of the potty but not going full force yet).

2013 August 042

My incentive program has four parts: high interest stickers, an incentive chart, a musical piggy bank, and a sticker book.  Here’s my plan:

Whenever C brushes his teeth or pees on the potty he gets a sticker for his incentive chart.  Once he collects 10, he gets a loonie to put in his musical piggy bank (it sings Hockey Night Tonight when you put in money).  He LOVES putting money in it and we’ve been thinking about starting him on an allowance anyhow so win-win.  Then he can transfer those 10 stickers into his sticker book and the charts are ready to go again.

2013 August 039

As added fun, I put titles on the pages in his sticker book.  I had a fabulous sticker book as a child that had categories and decorated pages but I couldn’t find anything nearly as cool.  So I got one of the boring wax pages one and made categories myself.  Not as fun as my old one but this way he can also practice sorting as he transfers his stickers.

Well, this is the proposed plan.  We’ll see how it works out…

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