Me Breaks: 10 Minute Writing Moments (Part IV)

Time for the last instalment of my 10 Minute Writing Moments series.  As a reminder, these have been exercises that can be at least started in a short time period.  To get in my daily dose of writing I have found I often have to write in short spurts in between the hearth and home chaos moments – at least it gives me material!

Writing Activity #4:

photoListography Books (Chronicle Books)

There is a whole collection of these books.  The one I have is “My Future Listography: All I Hope to Do in Lists”.  This book contains list suggestions, some that are silly while others are more serious.  I find it is a fun activity and one that doesn’t take a lot of energy while still being a source of potential inspiration.  Some examples of prompts include:

-List artists and photographers you’d like to explore

-List moments in your life you don’t want to forget

-List environmentally friendly habits you need to start

-List mistakes to not repeat in the future

Just from the above sample, the lists could be the start of possible material on a non-fiction book for children on a certain artist or inspire a short story of a memorable event.  The environmentally friendly habits list could fuel a magazine article, as could the mistakes to not repeat list.

It’s a fun brainstorming exercise that has the potential to become more, should you take up to the challenge:)

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