Creative Kids Moment: Box Train

2013 August 2 040As long as there have been boxes, I am sure kids have been creating things out of them.  It gives me secret pleasure, actually, that with all the toys we have, including the high tech gadgets, that boxes continue to delight.  Here is the recent fun we had with a diaper box and a wipe box.


  • Two empty boxes
  • Ribbon or string
  • Construction paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Stickers


1)    Tape or glue construction paper to the sides of the boxes.  We had already attached our boxes with ribbon but I’d suggest leaving that till later as it was tricky working around the string.  I had C pick the colours he wanted.  Again we take the teachable moments where we can and we talked about things that were the colours of the paper as we taped the paper on.  We didn’t have glue and I think the tape actually worked better as it reinforces the edges too then.

2013 August 2 0472)    We took the letters of his name from the alphabet sticker box and I let him choose a number by laying out the numbers from 1 to 9.  He chose 7.  We put the letters from his name and his chosen number on one side.

3)    To work with the number 7, I then let him choose 7 stickers for each side of the boxes.  We’d count them as he chose them and then again when he had finished putting them on each side.

2013 August 2 0484)    We connected the two boxes with some thin ribbon (we don’t have any string at home right now but that would have worked well too).  Then we attached a thicker ribbon at the front and made a loop in the unattached end for him to be able to pull on.  All aboard!

We made our train on Friday and it is still giving him a good hour or two of fun daily.  He takes his stuffies and books for rides around our home and sometimes crawls in with them to hang out.

What have you made with boxes?

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