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Creative Kids Moment: Fun with Shaving Cream and Letters

Since my husband has switched to an electric shaver, his shaving cream has just sat in the cupboard forgotten until I was procrastinating recently (aka cleaning) and rediscovered it.  Seeing it reminded me of something I used to do with students on the … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Kids’ Room Decor III

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Dinners for the Masses and the Technique of Timing

Sunday dinners for the masses at gramma’s was a given.  As a child from a big family I just expected the more the merrier philosophy.  ”Can my friend come for dinner?”  The answer was always yes.  I never thought about … Continue reading

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Magic Dishwasher Wanted

I’m bad about washing dishes.  Thank heavens for the dishwasher but it’s the nasty casserole dish, the burnt bottom frying pan, the saucy, goopy residue in the pot that I’m in denial about.  I sometimes try throwing them in the … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Kid’s Room Decor II

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