Magic Dishwasher Wanted

I’m bad about washing dishes.  Thank heavens for the dishwasher but it’s the nasty casserole dish, the burnt bottom frying pan, the saucy, goopy residue in the pot that I’m in denial about.  I sometimes try throwing them in the machine to see if all the baked and caked on bits will melt away like in the commercials but I don’t seem to have a magic dishwasher.

This all contributes to why I’m a really big fan of this quote that’s popular on Pinterest: “Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”  My kids are really happy.  I do spend some time every day on household chores, especially the feeding my family part, but I figure what doesn’t get done today isn’t going anywhere so I will pick up where I left off tomorrow.  In truth though, as people who know me from before are bound to remember, the pile of dishes was there before kids too.  I don’t remember what my excuse was in the past, but now it has become a pick your priorities issue.

I justify leaving the dishes on the counter as a choice I make to keep the me in mommy.   My priorities are my family and myself.  For me in this past week, this has meant the nasty dishes have gone undone, there are laundry piles, and I’m sure there are some sticky spots on the kitchen floor.  But it has also meant that I have drawn a picture with my son, have had a good giggle session with my baby girl, and have shared a glass of wine with my husband.  For the “me” part, I have edited a story I am working on, read an article, and gone to a really good mom and baby workout class.  I have chosen my priorities and I’m feeling good.

Besides, I’m not a big baker and I’ve learned another great use for ovens – they are a great hiding spot for dirty dishes until you’re ready to take them on in your own sweet time.


What are your priorities and how do you keep them in the forefront?  What magic household item do you wish for?  Any other hiding spots I should be utilizing?

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78 Responses to Magic Dishwasher Wanted

  1. Salma says:

    Totally with you on this. Keeping the house clean at all times is a struggle for me. I’m actually working on a post about it as well. It’s nice to know we are not alone in feeling like this.

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  3. Marie Tucker says:

    This is so funny, my mom used to hide dirty dishes in the oven too. I’ve been known to do it, if I find out someone is coming over and the dishes aren’t done yet. (It gives more time to swish the toilet and bleach-wipe the counters quickly before they arrive.)

  4. Kerith Stull says:

    Although I consider myself a good housekeeper, I admit that I leave the day’s dishes in the sink until the last minute before my hubby comes home from work, the hubby that doesn’t like dirty dishes hanging around in the sink. When he travels for work….? Dishes might pile up for a day or two, but not much past that. Part of the issue is we have “good” pots and pans that can’t go in the dishwasher and I don’t like putting any other cooking items in there either since they never seem to come completely clean but take up SO much room. So, there’s LOTS of hand washing going on in our household. Magic household item I wish for –> floor cleaner. Sure the dog does his job, but the endless drips and spots on the hardwood floors drive me crazy.

    • Yes, a magic floor cleaner would also be a favoured item. It never seems to fail but as soon as I wash the floors my two year old will spill something sticky before the day is out. It seems to be one of his special skills, along with finger prints on just cleaned windows, jam in just washed hair, soup stains within minutes of being dressed, the list goes on…:)

  5. Jennifer S. says:

    I struggle with this too. With eight children keeping the house clean is a challenge even when the older ones are helping. But my husband likes to me remind me – we could have a clean and quiet house or we could have a house full of children. I’ll take my children any day. I’m afraid my closets get a lot of use as stash-and-I’ll-deal-with-it-later places.

  6. Marissa says:

    I have often asked for a “rosie” when someone asks what I want for Christmas or my birthday (you know from the Jetsons…) I figure she did everything! Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I can see the importance of doing chores, teaching my kids to do them, having the feeling of accomplishment over a clean house. But most days I’d rather have time outside with my boys without caring about the effort that will have to be put forth to get the stains out of their clothes… Great post!

  7. Nancy W says:

    Totally agree with you! It is so much more important to spend time with your children than spending all your time cleaning! Children grow up so fast, enjoy the time with them now!

  8. dawnmadsen says:

    Oh, I’m so glad I am not the only one who stashes dirty dishes in the oven…they’ve even been put in the bathtub once when there were a ton and we were having company…I’ve resigned to the fact that they is simply too much to do in a day when we have little ones and that is ok 🙂 LOVE the title of your blog, this is GREAT encouragement 🙂

    Dawn from

  9. P.J. says:

    Ha! Good stuff here. I don’t think you’re the first and won’t be the last, so it can’t be that bad, right? As long as you, your husband and kids are all happy, some dirty dishes can fully wait!

  10. I have a magic dishwasher but he’s really expensive to feed, house and cloth

  11. I love your “secret” hiding spot! You are right, that dishes and other chores shouldn’t always be the main priority, especially when you have kids to love on. I love the bathtub idea too! I have actually put my drying rack with wet clothes on it in the bathtub to keep it out of the way when people were coming over.

  12. Janmary says:

    Oh yes – wish my dishwasher could read my mind and wash those crusty casserole dishes too!

  13. Amanda Smith says:

    “Besides, I’m not a big baker and I’ve learned another great use for ovens – they are a great hiding spot for dirty dishes until you’re ready to take them on in your own sweet time.” LOL!! so funny!! I can’t stand dirty dishes sitting around but…..I have piles of clean clothes everywhere that need put away!! I wash it and dry it and fold it. Then I stop. LOL!

  14. That is hilarious. I’ve never heard of anyone hiding dishes! I really, really, really want one of those robot floor cleaners. I have hardwood floors and two fluffy dogs and I’m not kidding when I say I swiffer every other day. If I had one of those little guys I could just turn on and let it do its thing, aaahhhh it would be magical indeed.

    • I would love one of them too but have to wait until my kids are older I think. I can just imagine my two year old trying to catch a ride on it and my 8 month old crawling after it endlessly and then chewing on it if she caught it! But once they are older…

  15. I have no excuse since our kids are grown and moved away, and we rarely cook at home any more. But I still manage to leave dishes in the sink. I would like a magic shower cleaner- that is the job I hate most.

  16. Yep–I have dirty dishes in the sink, and I’m doing this instead of washing them :). I’ll get the dishwasher running before I hit the sack!

  17. Britton says:

    I’m with you TOTALLY when it comes to laundry. That’s what I slack off the most on! I let the clean laundry pile and pile until I dreadfully decide to fold it. It can sometimes take almost an hour to geti it all done! Then I let it sit there for DAYS before I put it up. My kids are happy though and don’t care about laundry and that’s all that matters to me!

  18. Irene Soh says:

    to keep both eyes close and have happy kids. heeheehee….. I’ve learnt to ignore things I cannot change. I would love a magical ironing board thou…. I dread ironing!!

  19. danielle says:

    I dont want much just maybe a magic cleaning fairy or Tabithas (from Bewitched) nose – thats all.

  20. Amy says:

    My time doing dishes and cleaning was time to listen to music. We got to choose our own music when we were cleaning so I ended up LOVING music and cleaning from a young age. I think my mom figured out how to bribe us to clean and put up with the music as long as we did our chores.

  21. Sounds familiar….plenty of sticky spots and never ending laundry. I’m coming to terms with not having the perfectly clean house, because I know I get pretty darn grumpy if I keep putting off all the creative things I enjoy to try and chip away at the whole lot of housework chores…that never seem to end. Hubby helps though….and I’ve got to get the kids better at chipping in!

  22. uepianogirl says:

    I find myself worrying too much about the housework and not spending enough time with the kids. It is hard for me when I see all the things that need to be done around the house. It sounds like you have found a way to allow yourself more time with your kids; hopefully I will find that someday, too!

  23. hsmominmo says:

    I’ve hidden dirty dishes in the oven too! But I do use my oven often and need to remember to take them out before starting it up! I wish there was a magic broom that would automatically sweep up my hard wood floors. That is something that gets away from me very quickly, with a large family who is home all day.
    Thank you for the reminder today to take a good look at my priorities, and focus on being mommy.

  24. cookcleancrafty says:

    I’ve also been guilty of shoving things in the oven instead of cleaning, but usually they just sit waiting for me on the stove. I dream of the perfect pan that wipes instantly clean. Somehow “non-stick” pans never live up to their hype.

  25. mwfinchwren says:

    So true!! I actually participated in a product test several years ago for Cascade Action Tabs. They’re a little more expensive than regular d/w powder or liquid….BUT! You don’t have to pre-wash anything before you put it in the dishwasher! Okay, yes, about every 2 weeks I have to rewash something….but that is a SMALL price to pay. More time with family……yay!

  26. buttercup2000 says:

    My mother dusted every day — I was the backup duster — but it’s rarely on my schedule. I do keep the bathroom clean and dishes washed, but I’m not winning housekeeping awards. I’d like a magic dishwasher, too.

  27. Heather C says:

    Absolutely love this. Often times when I talk about family being priority and that cleaning can wait I’m faced with critics who think that means I live in a pig pen or something. Definitely not the case. Many moms have suggested fly lady and swear by her books and chore lists but they are just too intensive for me.

    PS I think my magic appliance would be a self mopping vacuum thing. They do actually exist amazingly enough but they are way too much considering I don’t live in a mansion. Good ole fashion swiffer spot mopping will have to do 🙂

    • It’s all about balance, right? My place definitely isn’t a pig pen either but neither would it win any Martha Stewart award! I must admit, I do have a chore list of sorts. I assign a task a day (i.e. Wednesday is vaccum day) but they are just reminders that it should be done at some point, more than set in stone.

  28. Cindy Howell says:

    I would love a machine that washes, dries, folds, and puts away the laundry!
    For my “me” time (and it is hard to make yourself a priority sometimes) I like to make a nice cup of tea and pop in a “Downton Abbey” DVD. 🙂

  29. Sandra says:

    We are empty nesters and on occasion I will still hide a pot or two in the oven. I like a neat and tidy house but sometimes I just don’t want to do dishes or tackle the dust bunnies. The health department will never put yellow caution tape around my house so if if my cake pans sit for a while it’s no big deal. If I could farm out any household task it would be washing the walls. I’m still hoping that my virtual housekeeper will show up one day. I’ve also learned that me time is equally important when all your kids are grown.

  30. Heather says:

    Oh… contented sigh… so good to read this post. I have a house full of dog hair and a baby crawling around.. I feel so guilty a lot but then I remember its more important to spend time with him.

  31. boltoncarley says:

    My mom always said that only boring people have clean houses. You can add that to your list of reasons. 🙂 I admit that my dishes sit, too, and so does the pile of receipts that needs to be filed and and and… but I’m with you. I’m pretty sure that when I die, nobody will be talking about my dirty dishes but they might be talking about how I made time for them. 🙂

  32. I hate doing the dishes too. I try to rush to get them done before my husband gets home from work so he doesn’t think I’m a total slacker…since the rest of the house is usually a mess! LOL

  33. Amazing! Love this, and the title of your blog. The “me” absolutely has to stay in Mommy or we get so burnt out and unhappy. I want one of those magic dishwashers too. But until I get it those dishes will wait while I tend to my son AND myself. ~ Bobbi

  34. For me, I need a magic mop…I can’t stand mopping! I struggled with the housework issue for a long time too. It took quite a while to accept that my house looking like we lived in it was okay. I’m still learning how to balance it and my oldest is 9!

  35. I always say, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow 🙂 We all have things that we want to put off day after day. Mine definitely involves cleaning. I’m great at keeping my house clutter free but don’t run your hands across any of my furniture.

  36. I would kill for a magic dishwasher. I want one that cleans all those nasty dishes AND puts them away when it’s done. I cannot stand doing dishes, it’s disgusting to me. All that nasty food stuck to plates, all those gross condiments…I’m sick just thinking about it.

    If you find one of these dishwashers, please let us know about it. I want one and will pay dearly for it.

  37. projectsimplehome says:

    Dishes are my least favorite chore, closely followed by laundry. Both of them seem to NEVER end. By the way, I love your motto and blog name “keeping the me in mommy!” Some how I have never heard that before. if you ever find that magic dishwasher, let me know!

  38. I’m so anal about a clean kitchen and I learned a trick to getting those hard bits from the pots…put some water in them and boil it…all the crappy stuff comes and then you’re good to go. I’m also very good friends with the brillo pads as well.

    Even though its just me, I enjoy cooking and it can be a chore when cleaning up and you’re right the dishwasher doesn’t want to help out with hard part.

    Love the post.
    Kimberly Ann Hawes

  39. Tamara B. says:

    I really just can’t leave dirty pots and pans unwashed before I go to bed. I just hate facing them in the morning. 🙂

  40. paul says:

    Wow. My priorities? Well we definitely have some when it comes to the dishes. We use cooking spray a lot. we also try and try to use liners and easy clean up recipes.

  41. Kelly says:

    I’m going to start hiding my dirty pans in the oven! My mom used to do that. Yes, life can get pretty hectic with children. Cleaning in my house has stopped being the priority as well. I wish there was a magic laundry fairy to do all the laundry! Before baby, I never remember having all this laundry! Where does it all come from. Not only that but it is such a process-putting it in the laundry, washing it, changing it to the dryer, taking it out, folding it, putting it away….all for it to be there tomorrow! I’d rather spend time with my son…like you said, laundry will be waiting for me tomorrow!

  42. Your post reminds me of something someone once told me. She said, “I want my children to remember that home was a neat place. Not because everything was always put away but because they enjoyed being there.”

    Your children are definitely more important than house work. However, in order to truly be able to appreciate the children, we have to find ways to tame the beast that is house work. Sometimes there are systems that we can put in place. We can get the children involved in the process. That way you are teaching them at the same time.

    Some of the things that have been part of the beast in my home have been dishes and folding / putting away laundry.

    Thanks for sharing.

  43. Your honesty is appealing.We often feel like we have to be a ‘perfect home diva’ and you spoke for many. Just in case you don’t get the magic dishwasher I hope you find an easy solution.

  44. The messy kitchen and things scattered around the house is definitely an ongoing struggle over here, too! Sometimes it helps me to remember the time when I had a broken bone in my foot and I literally couldn’t do anything about the mess – I couldn’t walk! So I’m thankful that I can, and I’m thankful that my family is healthy and I’m able to provide meals for them. 🙂 But a magic dishwasher sure would be nice!

  45. A magic dishwasher is so needed! I don’t really like doing dishes in general, so a machine that puts everything (in) the dishwasher would be perfect for me! Thank you for posting! 🙂

  46. Can you believe, in this day and age, that I don’t have a dishwasher? I wash our dishes by hand, pretty much everyday. I don’t really mind washing dishes, but what I would really like to see is a magic clothes folder and a robot to put them away. My 3 girls can go through some clothes and the laundry is never completely done. I love that saying too and my girls are also very happy! Housework can always wait!

    • Wow! I am impressed you do it all by hand. It’s so funny to me that so many people find laundry the worst chore. I don’t mind it so much though it is never ending! “To each their own” (evil chore in this case)!

  47. Jana says:

    I can let a lot of things go. Laundry, dusting, washing windows….not important. But I cannot sleep if I know there are dirty dishes lurking in my house. Soaking dishes are okay but they are the first thing I will deal with in the morning. I check my sink every night before I go to bed because my husband will sneak dirty dishes in there, knowing the dishwasher is RIGHT NEXT TO the sink.

    Drives me crazy.

    If there is ever a self-cleaning Jetson house, I am buying it.

  48. I am pretty on top of keeping things picked up: couch blanket folded, bed made, pillows arrange, counters cleaned off, table cleaned off etc. I love having clean clothes but I HATE hanging them up. I usually have a huge pile before they get to my closet. And I despise dusting. I really did look into a housekeeper to come in once a week and they really are reasonably priced 😉

  49. Felicia says:

    I’m with you on the magic dishwasher. I absolutely hate washing dishes, unless I”m mad or sad oddly enough, in which case washing dishes relaxes me. I also wouldn’t mind a magic washer and drier since laundry is my second-most hated chore. I’d honestly be happy with either one, haha.

  50. Stella says:

    Ah, last time I had a sink full of dirty dishes during the mommy meet at my house and I just left it there. Didn’t even bother hiding it! I figured no one should be in the kitchen anyway! Haha… I totally get you on the priorities. Dishes can sit until later (or left for hubby to do), but spending time with your children works so much better. I find my children easier to handle after having decent amount of mommy time, especially the tot. He is more patient and understanding when asked to wait or behave.

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