Creative Kids Moment: Fun with Shaving Cream and Letters

Since my husband has switched to an electric shaver, his shaving cream has just sat in the cupboard forgotten until I was procrastinating recently (aka cleaning) and rediscovered it.  Seeing it reminded me of something I used to do with students on the last day of school to have fun and clean desks at the same time. I’d give each student’s desk a spray and let them go for it!  They’d have fun and by the time they were done the desks were sparkling:)  I’m not sure where I came up with the idea, I’m sure a colleague suggested it, but it worked like a charm at making cleaning fun!

This time instead of cleaning with shaving cream I decided to take a page out the sensory learning book. C had a blast while playing with the shaving cream and while tracing his letters and numbers.  Here’s what we did.

2013 September 2 011


 Foaming shaving cream
 Printed numbers and letters
 Construction paper
 Glue
 Scissors or paper cutter
 Laminating paper (or better yet, access to a laminating machine)
 Tape

2013 September 2 0061) Print letters and numbers. I chose the letters of C’s name and the numbers 1 to 6. I made them so large that only two letters/numbers fit on a page. Also I used white out tape and a marker to change the four so it was a simpler script.

2) Cut out the letters/numbers and mount on construction paper. I cut the largest letter and then used that as a template to cut out the others (I like teaching things being uniform in size). Then I cut out squares of construction paper that were just a bit larger. Finally I glued the letters on one colour of construction paper and the numbers on a different colour. My paper cutter is one for scrapbooking so it is safe for kids to use (with supervision still, of course). So C was able to help me do a lot of this and LOVED it!

2013 September 2 0073) Laminate the letters/numbers. I used laminating paper but it would have a better seal (and therefore last longer) if they were properly laminated. We’ve used them (and washed them) three times so far and they are still fine but I can see that they won’t last forever.

2013 September 2 0094) Tape letters/numbers to a table. Cover with shaving cream. First I let C just play around with the feel of the shaving cream. Then I helped him cover and uncover the letters and numbers. After I also helped him trace the letters and numbers. Finally, I just let him play.

We still have lots of shaving cream. Any other suggestions for using it up?

By the way: check me out at  The 12 x 12 Writing Challenge that I am taking part in (by attempting to write or edit a story a month for 12 months) is Julie Hedlund’s brainchild.  It’s been a great opportunity and inspiration to be a part of the challenge.  This week I’m the featured writer on her blog.  Thanks for the shout out, Julie!

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4 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Fun with Shaving Cream and Letters

  1. Pat Miller says:

    Shaving cream makes great “fingerpaint” for free drawing as well. And it makes the house smell so good! Squirt some on the tile just above the tub during bath time and let C draw while he bathes. Then you get him AND the tile clean.

  2. Susan Nash says:

    Haha, you can also use your husband’s shaving cream to shave your legs. Often, after i get into the shower, i realize that my shaving cream is not there so…..

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