Creative Kids Moment: Art Work Cards

C can be a prolific painter.  I save my favourites in a file; however that still leaves us with lots of art work.  I decided to repurpose some of the others to make these cute (and easy) cards for this month’s birthdays.


  • Painted (or crayon coloured) pictures by your child
  • Sharpe
  • Glue stick and scissors
  • Blank cards
  • Crayons


1)    With a Sharpe, draw an image on your child’s painting.  I just free hand drew some images but if you need inspiration pick an image off Google images:)

2)    Cut out the image and glue onto the blank card.  I had C help with the gluing.

3)    Colour on the card with crayons.  I then let C continue to decorate the card with crayons both inside and out.

Voila!  Cute, easy cards as promised!

Art Work Cards

Any other ideas for ways to constructively use some of your child’s artwork?

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6 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Art Work Cards

  1. Salma says:

    We like to reuse the kids art as birthday cards for family as well. It makes the card more personal and we get to put the multitude of art to good use 🙂

  2. hellokidsart says:

    We encourage parents to use it as wrapping paper, cut it up and make a collage out of it – and if you are terrible overrun – pop it into an envelope and send the grandparents, aunts or other friends or family members a nice surprise!

  3. Cath Hay says:

    Such a great idea, and well executed!!

  4. This is an excellent idea for the upcoming holidays. I’m not that great at freehand drawing, but I have plenty of stencils! Thanks for another great idea!

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