Is There Life After Cheese?

I’m on day three of having to cut dairy products out of my diet. Q is possibly having some digestive issues so we are cutting out milk to see if it is a sensitivity to proteins in milk. Since I breastfeed, I’ve been told to not have dairy either. This includes lactose free stuff. All dairy needs to go. Many babies with this sensitivity are also sensitive to soy, goat’s and sheep’s milk and beef. Ha, ha, I’m vegetarian so the beef is no problem for me. Soy isn’t a huge part of my diet either. Years ago, with my first pregnancy and breastfeeding, I reduced my soy product intake because of concerns around the amount of estrogen in soy.

Dairy, however, has been a major part of my vegetarian diet. I especially love cheese and ice-cream but I never consciously realized how much of what I ate included dairy until now. Most of my fave staples, cheese and bean quesadillas and mac & cheese for example, are out. My fave snacks, white cheddar popcorn and yogurt, are out. Then there are all sorts of things that contain dairy that you (well, I) don’t even think about. The internet has helped inform me of subtle sources of dairy (for example, check out this link Sometimes, I swear, ignorance is bliss.  Damn internet.

No question, I am on board to cut out dairy to see if it helps. However, there is part of me that is groaning about it happening in October; October being the month of Canadian Thanksgiving (and yummy mashed potatoes and pies) and Halloween with all the chocolate (milk chocolate being my FAVOURITE). Since it can take 2-3 weeks to get all the milk proteins out of your body, I doubt I’ll be back in business before Halloween.

So, is there life after cheese? A vegan friend of mine assures me there is. All this 23 year veggie veteran can (sulkily) say is there is a reason I did not choose to be vegan. (Yes, I know: “Suck it up, princess”:)

I would love to hear any dairy-free tips or stories of similar experiences in the comments below. Spread some dairy-free love!

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14 Responses to Is There Life After Cheese?

  1. Tara says:

    Youve done a great job nursing the babes ,I say put her on the bottle (soy) full time and carry on , dont kill yourself over this ,she sounds like Erin ,once I put her on a soy bottle ,she was full and happy and slept through the night .Good luck Ren

  2. Rorybore says:

    I had to cut out all diary with my firstborn to see if it was causing him problems while nursing. thankfully it wasn’t that — he just had reflux. Good thing because I honestly don’t think I could live without cheese. I could go without meat before I could completely give up all things cheesy. sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  3. Salma says:

    I don’t have any tips, but good luck! As a dairy and cheese lover as well, I know it’s probably tough cutting it out but you’re doing it for a good reason!

  4. hvanmil says:

    I went off most dairy with the exception of cheese about 6 months ago as it didn’t really agree with me. I find I don’t miss it much – happy to have almond milk in my coffee and the like. If I had to give up cheese though….. I don’t know. I’m surprised about the goats milk ban. Most people I know that have diary issues do well on goats products and I think I could survive just on goats cheese 😉

  5. Shauna says:

    I don’t have anything helpful to add, but I feel ya! I’m a vegetarian as well and dairy doesn’t really agree with me… my daughter eats it so I end up eating it at times and I usually pay for it. I *love* cheese… but I’ve just gotten used to not having it over time. Maybe that is kind of helpful? Eventually you’ll just get used to it? 🙂

    Good luck!

  6. Brianna says:

    I feel your pain. I’m gluten free until I can see an allergist. My appointment is in April 2014. Great! Although, I’ve got to be honest, I’d rather have it this way than have to go dairy free. Good luck with it all, hope the lo feels better.

  7. I have celiac disease but I find when making potluck food that catering to my dairy free friends is SO DIFFICULT. It’s like a law was passed that all good things MUST contain dairy. I have a few tips for you – Daiya cheese is crazy. It melts well and comes in various flavours and is the real deal. Made from a root so you could conceivably eat a whole package with no guilt. 🙂 I have also tried and loved a vanilla coconut milk yogurt that was delightful in smoothies. Udi’s – a big glutenfree company – makes a glorious gf & df line of muffins. Sold in most major supermarkets in the freezer aisle, I could eat 6 of the blueberry ones in a sitting.

    • It definitely feels true that all good things contain dairy. Went to get a chai tea latte from Starbucks – nope that’s out. Ice-cream, that’s out. Whipped cream on pie (and many pie crusts themselves), out. Argh. I am learning some substitutions that are filling gaps though. Thanks for your suggestions. It’s very useful to hear about specific products that you recommend!

  8. I feel your pain!! I had to omit gluten and dairy to BF my daughter. I have HEARD that there are some great recipes for cashew cheese out there. It is a really hard adjustment, every go-to snack and meal changes and there were days I was crying in the kitchen eating potato chips. Hang in there! (

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