Walk of Shame – Parental Style

As a parent I have learned there is a new walk of shame.  Gone are the days when it meant a youth walking home in the morning in obvious going-out-on-the-town clubbing clothes from the night before.  The parental form of this walk has many of the same characteristics though:  head down, walking quickly away, trying not to meet anyone else’s gaze while people look on and snicker or judge.

One big change is, obviously, the story behind the walk.  The causes are more creative now.  There is the classic “tantrums in public”.  I have been known to walk through Superstore singing E-I-E-I-O in an attempt to keep my children entertained and/or drown out crying until I could pick up that damn carton of milk.  I got my kids out of the house, into car seats, then out of car seats, and then into the store and I’ll just have to come back later for it if I don’t get it now so…I am not leaving without it!

Exiting a building with a screaming child in tow is always a challenge but at least Superstore is noisy.  There was once a 15 day period when we were asked to leave the library, not once but twice, and then I had to walk through the WHOLE library (our library’s children’s section is at the farthest point from the door, of course) with a protesting, screaming child.  In fact, with two screaming children as Q has recently decided that when C cries and screams, she might too.  I actually think this example counts as two walks of shame in one: the screaming leaving and the being kicked out.

But our parental walk of shame hall of fame moment to date has involved, oh wait for it, poo.  At two, C is fascinated with the stuff and has realised he can access it if he puts his hand in his diaper.  The first time this happened was the worst.  It was at a friend’s house.  Well, to clarify, it wasn’t even her house but her parents’ house.  I was out of the room changing Q at the time and so C ended up getting it on the chair, the table, and the stairs before being stopped.  Thank heavens none of those items were covered in fabric or carpet, but still!!!

Ah, parental walks of shame…the great thing is after the fact you can (usually and this might take time to get there) laugh about them and they become great stories to tell.  Just wait till C’s wedding day…

What is your parental walk of shame hall of fame moment to date?

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4 Responses to Walk of Shame – Parental Style

  1. Stella says:

    I was at T&T at coquitlam mall. we had just finished playing at the play area and were going to buy some bakery goods before we leave but DS down right threw a tantrum in the middle of the entry way to the store because i did not allow him to push a cart (there was a lot of merchandise and narrow aisles; i just wanted a quick in and out). Plus, it was also the most busiest point of the store as well. so you can imagine there were a lot of people around. my hands were full with bakery goods while DD was in my carrier and my DS was crying into the floor. I didn’t even have hands to grab him so I ended up putting down everything and intended to just leave. Of course after he stands up he was still upset so he goes and pinches all the buns and breads on the shelf. one of the buns was so badly mutilated that I would have felt guilty if I did not buy it. So we end up buying one bun, he didn’t get a bite of it though. Yup, crying the entire time through the check out aisle and out the mall. Lol fun times I tell ya.

  2. Salma says:

    Yikes, totally know those walks of shame lol!

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