Creative Kids Moment: Stained Glass Cards

When I was little, my aunt Ruth was the arts and crafts master. One of her favourite crafts was to iron petals between pieces of wax paper. It makes very pretty stained glass-like art. I wanted to do something similar with C but am too nervous to use an iron around my little ones who climb on everything. Then I thought about the laminating paper I’ve been playing around with lately…

 Blank photo cards (they have special pockets on the front to slip photos into)
 Scissors
 Laminating paper
 Dried flowers
 Masking tape
 Crayons

2013 September 9 0031) C and I gathered small flowers to dry. To dry flowers, put them in between pages of a magazine or phone book. Pile books on top and wait a week.

2) I cut the card so that the photo pocket was now a “window”.

2013 September 9 0133) Then I cut 2 same sized laminating paper rectangles that are about 1 cm bigger all around than the “window”.

4) C sprinkled dried flowers on one of the laminating paper pieces (I laid it on the table, sticky side up). Then I covered it with the other laminating paper piece.  You have a sheet of flower stained glass!

2013 September 9 0145) Slip flower stained glass into “window” of the card. Tape the edges in place.

6) C drew with crayons inside the card. Then the flowers have a colourful backdrop!

2013 September 9 023

A little more work for these cards, but the end result is pretty impressive.

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