November is PiBoIdMo Month

I’ve been really pleased with how my picture book writing has been going. I’ve been enjoying the motivation of being part of Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 and the opportunities that have gone along with belonging to the challenge. I’ve been loving my critique group both because of the feedback I’ve received on my stories (which has been invaluable) and because of the growth in my own critiquing skills. It has made me look at my own stories differently and I’ve grown as a writer.

Today I signed up for some new inspiration. It’s Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). Tara posts inspirational interviews from authors and others involved in the picture book people daily. The main goal, though, is to come up with one picture book story idea a day. As I plan to sign up for Julie’s 12 x 12 again next year, hopefully this will give me a new well of ideas to develop. One of the women in my critique group participated last year. She says it doesn’t involve a great time commitment and, though many of her ideas were not stellar, the brainstorming provided her material to jump off from. So I’m excited! Let the brainstorming begin! Hopefully there will be a gem among them.

In case anyone is interested in learning more here is the link:

Happy writing (and brainstorming)!

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2 Responses to November is PiBoIdMo Month

  1. Signing up for the PiBoIdMo blog sounds like a great way to stay focused and motivated. I’m hoping to find the same focus for my writing as well. That’s half the battle. Your articles are doing a good job of capturing your progress through your journey as a writer. Keep up the good work!

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