More Quick and Easy Halloween Crafts

Here are 3 more Halloween craft ideas – this time with a little sumthin’ sumthin’!

Bat with Bling1)  Bats with Bling: This is a classic school craft again but we added sequins.  C loved painting the egg cartons black and then painting on the glue.  Last, he rolled the bat around on a pile of sequins.  Voila, bat with bling:)

Bejeweled Spider2)  Bejeweled Spider:  I’m sure this has been done before but it was new to me and worked so I could use jewel stickers.  C painted a toilet paper roll and then I folded stripes of black paper.  I put the legs through the middle and stapled each end of the roll.  C chose either red or purple stickers and stuck them on.

ghost tealights3)  Baby Ghost Tea Lights:  I’ve seen these on Pinterest with mason jars.  We made baby ghosts instead.  C painted baby food jars with white paint.  Then he put on glue for the googly eyes.  They look really cute with tea lights in them and lit up:)


Have a crafty Halloween!


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2 Responses to More Quick and Easy Halloween Crafts

  1. More great craft ideas! I used your idea for incorporating my grandson’s paintings onto holiday cards… we’re still working on them but they are turning out great. I used stencils for the shapes, since my freehand drawing leaves a lot to be desired.

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