Painting Project: October Serendipity Painting

October Painted PagesFor my October Serendipity painting, I started off with painted pages again.  This time I have a picture of them.  They really are just doodles and piddles on paper.  I use these pages to play with colours and with supplies.  I don’t put pressure on myself to produce anything great, I just play.

Serendipity October Painting 2This time Juliette recommended laying down paper and paint first.  So that is what I did but I was having trouble seeing anything so I thought I’d put a head in.  Once her head was in, I liked the idea of using part of my painting pages as a head piece of sorts so I glued that down too.  I tried starting her face but, argh, they are a struggle for me.

2013 October 1 174In my last post, I mentioned how Juliette includes her “ugly” phases in her posts.  I decided to do the same and show all the stages I went through until I got to my finished product.  Here is one of my ugly phases.  While Juliette’s “ugly” phases still look great to me, this makes me cringe!

October Serendipity Painting 4So I changed her hair, necklace, and dress and tried another horrible face attempt.  I was getting pretty frustrated by now.  I liked some elements.  The idea of her “wings” was from part of my painted pages.  Her long flowing hair was inspired by part of my painted pages too.

I tried again with the face and figured this was as good as it was getting so I quit while I was ahead.  The stars in her hair were also an idea inspired by part of my painted pages.

Then I decided I needed some more yellow in the painting to balance it off.  So I made some of the stars in her hair yellow and added yellow to the wings and had some stars trailing out to the side.  In some ways, I think it would have been a better painting if I had quit while I was ahead (i.e.-see the painting before).  But I didn’t.  However, I did decide to call it quits here and below is my completed October Serendipity Painting.

Oct Serendipity So here is my analysis:  I don’t feel this painting has the spontaneous feel or depth of colour work of the first one which is too bad.  Her face is still not what I’d like but I feel it is better than my first one.  I feel there is something lacking in the colour palette but I can’t put my finger on what it is.  All in all, it is more just a feeling that this painting doesn’t make me smile as much as the other one.

On the good side, I like how the music sheet is visible across her forehead.  I like how her hair turned out and the shape of the wings.  I like her dress with the music sheet underneath and the rippled tissue paper on top and the wash of colour over the tissue paper.

It’s a calmer painting, and though not perfect, I like it and had fun creating it.  Hope you enjoyed following my process.

*Serendipity is the name of the on-line painting course I am taking.  It is taught by Juliette Crane.  See her stuff here:

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One Response to Painting Project: October Serendipity Painting

  1. Salma says:

    It was really great seeing the process of the painting. And I like the end result 🙂

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