Back to Work Status Report

It’s the end of week two of being back to work.  I have to say to all full time working moms of two – holy Toledo, it is hard!  That jump between one kid to two is a doozy.  I am fortunate because my husband is hands-on and helpful but still it meant us up till 11 most nights last week prepping stuff for the next day.  This week has definitely gone smoother and we’ve been able to hit the sack earlier but still it has been BUSY!

I am sure we will get into more of a groove as time goes on but for now I am really glad it is only three weeks back to work for me before Winter Break (and two are done now – so only one to go, phew).  I’ve been calling it my “soft” start – my trial run.  I am definitely feeling the learning curve!

One thing I have been researching is quick dinner solutions.  Dinner is a tricky one at our house as meals need to satisfy a vegetarian (me), a meatetarian (my hubby:), and a picky-ish toddler.  Q, at 11 months, still prefers pureed food so I make hers separately.  Fun times!

Our faves so far:

-Greek salad and Roast beef dip sandwiches (tofu burger sandie for me)

-Fried rice with egg (no meat for J but he deals as he likes this dinner:)

-Broccoli Linguine (recipe from Campbell’s soup website), chicken on the side

-Mac and cheese (J’s mom’s quick and easy recipe)

-Rice, corn, and chicken (tofu nuggets for me)

Any suggestions of other easy peasy recipes that fall in the half hour max to prep category are eagerly sought!  Please share any ideas in the comments below:)

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5 Responses to Back to Work Status Report

  1. Shannon says:

    I hear you! I am in my second week back at full time work after having twins, and boy is it different from going back after having one (he is now 3). It’s not good or bad, just BUSY! LOL Good luck!

  2. salmadinani says:

    I remember going back to work after baby number two and it definitely was a a bit of a gong show at first 🙂 It sounds like each week is getting easier. I don’t know if you guys like Indian food (that’s not spicy) but I have a recipe for a one pot chicken and rice dinner that’s really delicious & the pieces of chicken are large so you could just take them out.

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