Creative Kids Moment: Toddler Xmas Crafts IV

Popsicle Craft TreePopsicle Christmas Tree Ornament

C painted the popsicle sticks green to start off.  I had cut down some of the sticks so that the branches were smallest near the top.

Then C painted it with glue and sprinkled it with sequins.

We did a final coat in Modge Podge to keep the sequins from falling off.

I hadn’t done it yet in this pic but the final step was made by me.  I tied a ribbon loop onto the ornament.

Christmas craft 7Popsicle Snowflake Ornament

Again C started off by painting the popsicle sticks, though white this time.

After they dried, I helped C glue them together.  After that glue dried, we painted the ornament with glue and sprinkled it with sequins.  Then we repeated the Modge Podge coat to secure the sequins.

Again I did the final step of tying on a ribbon loop.

Presto – Cute and easy ornaments!

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