Creative Kids Moment: Toddler Xmas Crafts V

Pinecone ornamentsSequined Pinecones

C had collected lots of pinecones in the fall which inspired this craft.  It’s super easy and the end result is so pretty.

C painted them white and then sprinkled them with sequins while the paint was still wet.  To help secure the sequins I would suggest painting Modge Podge on them after the paint has dried.

They are pretty on their own as a decoration but you could thread a loop to the top of the pinecone to make an ornament of them.

Christmas craft 8Christmas Votives

These are just like our Hanukkah ones.

We put a sticker on a baby food jar and then painted the jar.  Once it was dry, we pealed off the sticker.  To finish, we added jewel stickers and tied a ribbon around the top.  Pop in a tea light and you are done!

Christmas craft 9Clothes Peg Trees

To make these fun trees, I cut out tree shapes (Dr. Seuss style or otherwise) and clipped a clothes peg on the bottom.  Then C painted them with glue and added buttons or sequins (though stickers would also work).  After they dried, C painted them again with Modge Podge (can’t have little things falling off with a baby in the house!)

Christmas Craft 9.1Because of the clothes peg, they can stand up on the mantle.  However, they fit on top of some of our photo frames and I liked the look of them best like that.

That’s the last of our Christmas crafts for this year.  Happy Crafting to all!

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One Response to Creative Kids Moment: Toddler Xmas Crafts V

  1. Cath Hay says:

    Love your ideas. You’re so good at finding ways to take toddler “art” and turning it into something that they can really be proud of!

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