Reflective Resolutions

Recently there was a program on CBC radio that talked about first imagining what you want your life to look like before making resolutions.  So here’s what I came up with for a vision for my life:

I want to have an active and creative life that involves quality mommy time, family time, and friend time.

So I separated those ideas and listed goals to achieve them under each heading.  I tried to include specific goals to help me have a clearer vision of what achieving them would be in my book (i.e.-instead of making a goal to swim more as a family, I specified aiming for swimming twice a month).

1)      Active life

  • Sign up for a tot and parent sport class
  • Go swimming as a family twice a month
  • Exercise three times a week personally
  • Appreciate my body out loud and in front of kids for its attributes (i.e.-I like that my legs are strong so I can run after you, etc).  This goal is to show how my body helps me be active but also to encourage positive body image.

2)      Creative life

  • Painting date night with J once a month
  • Painting project with C and Q at least once a month
  • Craft project with C and Q at least once a month
  • Make time for Mommy time goals

3)      Mommy time

  • Make writing 10-20 minutes a day a priority
  • Plan with J for two 3 hour stretches to paint a month (sans bebes!)
  • Once a week make an entry in my visual journal
  • Blog at least twice a week

4)      Family time

  • Have a date night with J twice a month (at home dates count)
  • Remember to actively play with the kids every day, specifically child led play (take off the teacher hat, Ren!)
  • Go to the aquarium once a month until membership runs out

5)      Friend time

  • Have an outing with friends at least once a month (besides book club meetings)

So there are my resolutions.  Would love to hear yours and how you decide on what goals to aim for.

Happy New Year’s all!

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One Response to Reflective Resolutions

  1. lula avila says:

    Sounds like a nice plan, hope you can manage to archive it all, happy year! 🙂

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