Slice of Life January 2014

Life Pie jan 2014

As January is typically a time of reflection, I decided it was time to re-do my life pie check in (this is the pie chart based on Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way (57) but with an 8-slice switch up).  Here’s a break down of my reflections to start off this year:

Family/children: Score 8 What works here is we both keep the kids a priority and give it the good old team effort.  C is still full force in the terrible/terrific twos.  There is often a quick turn around between deep breathing (I’m counting to 10…) and being convinced he is the cutest thing ever created.  Q is a passionate one who can giggle like you wouldn’t believe and then, on the turn of a dime, can cry like she’s been ultimately injured.  At least now she’s sleeping through the night(-ish).

Romance/adventure: Score 8 Ok, so there is not much adventure here besides parenting adventures (which include things like the first day I was ever thrown up on twice and such wildness).  But there is a lot of romance.  Our romance isn’t the dozens of roses variety usually but more involves nights of playing crib over a bottle of wine and involves us making sure to give each other breaks.  It’s more true, real, and lovely than flowers and chocolates.  I am so thankful.

Friends/connections: Score 4 This is still an area of struggle for me, especially now that I am working full time.  We commute everyday into work so getting the energy to then commute again on the weekends is quite draining.  Mind you, everyone is busy anyhow so finding a time that works for both parties is pretty tricky to begin with.  On top of that my kids have been sick almost every weekend for the last month so we have had to keep to ourselves. All that being said, it is definitely an area with room for improvement.

Motivation/energy/inspiration(spirituality): Score 6  I am finding it a bit of a learning curve to swing working full time, being a mommy of two, and having energy for anything after that.  Plus I am not an evening person and find it hard to get motivated after 8/8:30 (the time we put the kids down).

Exercise/healthy living: Score 7 There is a gym right next to my work which I pretty have to trip over to leave my school.  So that has helped.  As well, a friend and I are going swimming together once a week.  It’s a good motivator to exercise with a friend.  Recent colds aside, this is an area going well right now.   

Finances: Score 8 I’m back to work and therefore back to having a wage – yay!  Enough said! 

Work: Score 6 I feel I am struggling to get back into the game.  The tricky part is mostly related to the fact that I came into a school year that was set up, started, and planned by someone else.  As time is going on, I am increasingly putting my mark on it so I am sure this area will soon feel like a better fit.

Me time/professional development: Score 7 I’m coming out of a good year of making time for myself and developing skills towards my creative goals.  I am excited to keep up the progress in this area of my life. 

All in all I am pleased with this overview.  I enjoy taking a moment to reflect and consider how 2013 went.  And, so far, 2014 is off to a good, though extremely busy, start. 

There is something so exciting about a new year full of potential and yet unknown opportunities – and the fact you don’t exactly know where you might be by the end of the year.  Here’s to possibilities!

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