Start the Year Off Write

I’m sharing this a little late but it’s been a crazy new year so far.  Just in case anyone is looking for some writing inspiration, I’ve been following Shannon Abercrombie’s Start the Year Off Write prompts.  She has been/will interview an author a day for all of January and each author then “assigns” a writing prompt.  I haven’t had time to do them all, but I have been making note of ones I think would be good Writer’s Block busters.  Also, I find the emails about the writers’ experiences interesting and inspiring so I enjoy that aspect of her challenge too. 

Some of the prompts are more craft related and some are more creative.  Some of the prompts are simple and some more involved.  As an example, here’s one that I found especially intriguing (by Thanhha Lai):

Prompt #2:  Look at any sentence you are writing right now.  Cut at least five words while keeping the essence of the message.  Now go back and use another five words to add something that will surprise your readers.

In case you are interested in starting your year off “write”, here’s the link to Shannon Abercrombie’s website:

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