A Year Ago Today…

Q's birth

To my sweet baby girl who is now one,

How amazing to think we’ve been a family of four for a year now!  And yet, at the same time, how amazing to think you haven’t always been with us.  You have been a joyous addition to our lives.  A year ago today we first held you in our arms.  You were seven and a half pounds of absolute helplessness.  But look at you now!

You are our little baby bird, our eager eater, our little dancer, our fearless climber.  You are our speedy crawler and our tentative little walker (though soon, we are sure, to be our confident little runner).  You can play independently and for extended periods like few babies I’ve ever known.  Yet you can also be a social butterfly seeking out the eyes of strangers we meet and offering them your beautiful smile.  That smile of yours is something special.  It lights up your whole face and causes those around you to smile too.  And your giggle, oh your giggle, it comes readily and often in fits and we can’t help but join in. 

You are playful, curious, and loving.  You are a mama’s girl but you also love your brother and your daddy fiercely.  Whenever you go into a different room, you search for your boys.  The way you reach out for your daddy and put your arms around his neck to give him big hugs melts my heart.

We have loved watching you grow and come into your own personality.  You are a passionate soul who is already very clear about what you like or want and don’t like or want. Though this passion and determination may challenge us as parents (boy, can you ever be insistent!), these are character traits that will serve you well in life. And though, at times, I try to quiet you (you can be VERY loud), it is good you have a big voice and state your needs.  Be heard; be strong and confident in your opinions. 

My wishes for you include a strong and healthy body that will help you achieve anything you put your mind to, the ability to see life as a glass half full (to brimming), the confidence to strut your stuff with a good dose of humility to give you balance, the intelligence to do well in school and to make smart choices for yourself, facing challenges that are surmountable (we all need to strive for things), and a life liberally laced with blessings. 

Our lives are better because you are part of them.  We love you more than words can adequately express.  xoxoxo

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9 Responses to A Year Ago Today…

  1. They change so much in that first year don’t they? My youngest is two and a bit now, I think back to a time when all he wanted was a feed and lots of long cuddles, now he wants to be independent, I’m not allowed to hold him on my hip anymore because he wants to run and explore the world around him! Unless he is not feeling well, it makes the long cuddles extra special 🙂 A beautiful post!

    • Thanks! The first year is amazing but I’ve found the twos quite a jump as well. My oldest is 2 (he’ll be three in April) and it’s the language development that has amazed me the most for him in this past year. From less than a dozen words to sentences and verbalized observations and opinions. It’s been wild to watch (well, hear) the development for him too.

      • Oh absolutely! They definitely love to have their own opinions 🙂 It is wonderful that they turn into their own person so young, I have three boys who are 10, 7 and 2 so I’m still learning about how they change 🙂 Love it!

  2. Stella says:

    Happy birthday Q! Now you can hold up one finger if someone asks you how old you are! 🙂

  3. Susan Nash says:

    Happy Birthday Q! One is such a lovely number, then two, three and on….. Looking forward to our next visit. xoxo

  4. Arwyn says:

    What a gorgeous tribute to your little love! It brought tears to my eyes. As she turns one, mine turns five and I feel like it was only one deep breath in between.

  5. Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  6. Salma says:

    Happy Birthday to your little one! Time sure flies when you have two kids 🙂

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