Creative Kids Moment: Chinese New Year Crafts

Here are a couple toddler friendly crafts you can do to recognise Chinese New Year.

lantern lines1) Chinese Lanterns:  This is a classic school craft.  It didn’t take much to adapt it to a toddler craft.  I had C free paint on a piece of red construction paper (red is a significant colour for Chinese New Year).  Then I folded it in half and made lines like those shown in the picture.  For older kids I have them draw the lines and do the cutting but obviously with C that was my job.

chinese lanternAfter cutting along the lines, staple the top and bottom together.  Staple on a handle as well.  And you are done!  Well, you could be done or…  We don’t have any, but if you do, some horse stickers on it would be a cute addition too.

We hung ours on the end of our curtain rod in the kitchen.  It looks great!

handprints2) Handprint Dragon:  We were actually just doing some more finger painting when he made these.  I looked at them and thought – hey, these could be dragon bodies!  So I cut out some dragon heads, added some legs and a tail and presto!

chinese new yearsHappy Chinese New Year and Happy Crafting!

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4 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Chinese New Year Crafts

  1. hellokidsart says:

    Thanks for this – some great project ideas in here!

  2. Salma says:

    Great ideas! I think we will try out the lanterns with the kids 🙂

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