Painting Project: November Serendipity Painting

Painted pagesAs with other months, I started out with a painted page.  This was this month’s endeavour.  My favourite part was the circles in the top right corner (I also liked the peacock feather shape but that ended up in another painting).

Garden sketchThe circles inspired an idea of flowers in a garden with square clouds in the sky.  I didn’t have time to paint that day so I did a quick sketch to get my ideas down.  It was a less spontaneous way to paint but I thought I’d see what came of it.  I’m still liking the curly hair so I decided to stick with that in this painting.  I also like Juliette’s square noses so I am going to try it out.

BackgroundI ended up going with pastel colours.  I’m really liking purple and teal right now, especially teal for some reason.  I was going for a dreamy feel.  As per usual, the painting didn’t end up being as beautiful as the image that was in my head.  It ended up being too pastel and I couldn’t figure out how to add punch to it.  And the face, argh, I struggle with faces.  That being said, there are parts of it I like and that I think worked out.

Square clouds IThe painting of her dress is my favourite part of this piece (besides the flowers).  For her dress, I started out with a wide strip of tissue paper.  I covered it with several layers of watery blue paint of various shades and then streaked it with white.  I like how I kept the clouds just outlines and didn’t fill them in with colour.  I also liked the pink in her hair and her pearl necklace.

For all the faults, I loved painting her.  I love getting my fingers streaked with colours and losing time in the space of creativity.  I’ll keep on trying and loving the process as I grow!

Square Clouds II

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