A Tribute

It’s never the way you want to remember, but a death does remind you to cherish those you love. It reminds you to say the things you need to say now and not wait. You know, those things you assume people know, like they have a good heart or you appreciate their friendship. Simple things but it’s better to say them than regret your omissions.

My grandfather-in-law died yesterday. He was a warm and delightful man who loved trains and planes. He also loved to talk about his life and his experiences – a good match for me because I love to listen to stories. Due to the sudden and severe nature of his illness, he didn’t get to hear how much I appreciated how he welcomed me into his family and how much I enjoyed spending time with him. Part of me knows, he probably knew anyhow. However I wish I said these things to him out loud.

In his honour, I am going to make renewed effort to remember to tell people what they mean to me today – in the now. Regrets of this kind are not pleasant and are preventable. Won’t you join me? Tell someone how they are special to you today. That’s an act you won’t have regrets about for sure.

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2 Responses to A Tribute

  1. Stella says:

    I’m so sorry for your lost Renata! Condolences for your family and may your grandfather in law rest in peace.

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