Creative Kids Moment: “Horse” Sock Puppet

Here is the last Chinese New Year craft we attempted for this year.  Yes, I know it is belated.  We actually did it last week,  I just haven’t been able to get around to post it.  It’s a horse sock puppet.  I’m clarifying what it is because you’d have a hard time guessing if I didn’t tell you!  It didn’t work out how I envisioned in my head, but it’s such a funny looking thing I thought I might share the giggle.  I think of it as our horse-lizard hybrid.  Heck, maybe I should just call it a dragon and be back on track in terms of the Chinese New Year’s theme.

C loves wearing socks on his hands.  It’s just one of his things he does sometimes.  So he was gung ho on creating this sock puppet when I explained the project to him.  Green is the colour of choice currently so our horse had to have green button eyes, a green mane and tail, and C coloured the sock green too (with some blue as a sidekick).

I finished sewing it up after C went to bed and was so excited to show it to him in the morning.  However, he regarded it with distrust from the moment he laid eyes on it.  He wore it once and then no more.  For the rest of the morning, he kept a wary eye on it lying there on the shelf.

Horse Puppet on stand

Now, a week later, he’s forgotten about it all together and gone back to wearing plain old socks on his hands.  As for me, I’ve learned to leave well enough alone.  Socks make him happy just as they are and sock puppets definitely don’t seem to be my forte!

Horse Puppet 1

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