Creative Kids Moment: Valentine’s Day Cards

C and I have been busy making cards for family and friends. Here are some examples of what we’ve created.

Puzzle Valentines

For this lot of cards, we cut puzzle pieces out of some of C’s painted pages.  Then we glued them onto various shapes and cards.

To polish them up, I used Sharpe pens and watercolour paint pens to draw hearts, add words, and outline the puzzle pieces.

The cards say things along the lines of “I’d go to pieces (inside: without your friendship)”


Hand Valentines

For the handprint cards we used both C’s and Q’s hand prints.  It’s tricky to get decent and/or consistent hand prints (kids are just so wiggly).  It’s best to make prints on white paper and then cut them out.  That’s what we mostly did and it worked out well.  The rainbow hand prints were my favourite.  To make have your child put his/her hand on a plate of different coloured blobs of paint.

Some read, “Hands down, you are a fabulous Valentine.  Won’t you be mine?”  The hands with a heart in the palm read, “You hold my heart”.

ValentinesThese ones worked out super cute.  For the bottom one, we traced his hand onto brown paper.  Then we cut hearts out of his painted pages and glued them like leaves around the “branches”.  The words on either side of the “trunk” read “My love for you grows and grows”.

The top ones were pieces cut from painted pages and one from a crayon page.  One big oval for the body and a smaller one cut in half for the wings.  The words read, “Owl always love you!” and “Let’s owl-lys be friends!” (though I think it would be better “owl-ways” – oh well, next year).

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Wishing you happiness and lots of love, owl-ways:)

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3 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Susan says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Love your creative cards! I still have a couple of them from years ago!! Now you get to make them with your children – sweet!! xo

  2. salmadinani says:

    So many great creative cards, you guys must have had tons of fun!

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