Creative Kids Moment: Some Door Lovin’

I wanted to have something warm and welcoming up on the door to welcome home daddy so the kids and I made this heart to hang on our door.

Cold Hands PrepTo start I traced both kids’ hands to make paper mittens.  Then I cut out a big heart.  For both the heart and the mittens, I used scrapbooking paper for the extra patterning but regular construction paper would work too.  Then you just need some cotton balls and glue.  You only need two or three cotton balls – there are just lots in the picture because C was helping and “I like these, mommy.  We need more.”

I put the saying “Cold hands, warm hearts” on the heart before we glued on the mittens but I wish I had waited because it meant that C couldn’t glue on the mittens where he wanted.  My type A personality sometimes has trouble remembering to take a back seat in the kids’ art.  Work in progress for me:)

I traced the kids’ mittens with a black Sharpe and then C glued them on (with positioning help from me so you could still see the words).  Then I showed C how to pull apart the cotton ball and glue it onto the wrist of the mitten.  My demo one was the mitten on the top left.  C thought his needed more cotton coverage and he was right.  His look far cozier than mine!

Cold Hands End

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