Painting Project: December Serendipity Painting

Julia Crane likes to take parts of what she creates and use those images/techniques again and again.  It’s part practice and part developing a style.  So maybe that’s what my red circle hair and wings are.  Whatever they are, I enjoy making them so I did it again.

Dec Serendipity 1Here’s the painted pages I started off with.  I did two pages one day because I wasn’t feeling up to creating anything else but I wanted to put in some creativity time.  So I allowed myself to just creatively piddle that day.  Sometimes it’s fun to just play without the pressure of having to create a cohesive image.

Dec Serendipity 2Next I laid out the parts of the painted pages that I liked on a canvas and chunked in acrylic colour between the collage bits.  I was really liking yellow and purple so that’s what I went with.  There was no further thought process than that.  Colour is a weakness for me.  Down the road, I’d love to take a course in colour theory and learn more about how to work colour to its advantage in paintings.  For now, when my colour scheme works, it’s fluke!

Dec Serendipity 3In the following session I added a moon, played with my colours, and tried to smooth out the transitions between colours.  I had fun with her hair and went bold with lots of black outlining.  For her face, I went for more whimsical and tried out a Julia Crane style rectangular nose and then added crazy eyelashes.  So far, I was liking the sky and her hair and face.  I was accepting her dress but I wasn’t loving her wings or boots.

Dec Serendipity 4That’s when it occurred to me that the part of one of my painted pages that looked like a peacock feather might fit perfectly as a wing piece – it did.  So I used my inks (I am loving these acrylic inks – they are so fun!) and made some more peacock feathers.  I also changed her boots and added “buttons” to them (my dream boots have buttons all up the back like that).  Finally, I mellowed out her dress a bit so it wouldn’t be competing with the wings so much.  All these alterations resulted in the following finished piece:

Dec Serendipity 5

In conclusion, for me this piece’s strengths are the sky, her face, her hair, and the feathers.  I’m still not wow-ed by her dress or boots.  I think doing a dress or a skirt out of peacock feather would have been better than wings.  I’m having a feeling there will be more peacock feathers in my future…

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2 Responses to Painting Project: December Serendipity Painting

  1. Ailene says:

    Love her nose! Good background too.

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