Creative Kids Moment: Colour Bugs-Orange

Here is our orange bug instalment: the cotton harlequin bug.  We chose this one because C liked the metallic blue on their backs.

Orange bug 1To start you need a paper plate painted orange.  Cotton harlequin bugs have very symmetrical blue spots on their backs.  So once it was dry, then we folded the plate in half and C put blue paint on one side.  We folded it back in half and C helped squish the sides together.  Then we opened it up and C added blue sparkly glue (got from the dollar store)on top of the blue paint and re-folded the plate.  The sparkles were a big hit with C.  While the blue paint and sparkles dried, I got the rest of the supplies ready: three pipe cleaners cut in half (edges tucked in), googly eyes, a black half oval with antennae (we added blue paint to either side of the head piece too), glue, and a paintbrush.

Orange bug 2The next step involved gluing everything together.  We added eyes to the head and glued the head and legs to the back of the plate.  After the glue dried, I reinforced the legs and head with tape to ensure they won’t fall off.

Isn’t our bug wall looking pretty cute so far?!

In terms of books, I  couldn’t find any appropriate leveled books on cotton harlequin bugs but here are some great ones on bugs in general:

Hey, Little Ant (Phillip and Anna Hoose):  This book shows  a conversation between a boy and an ant and contemplates the question: to squish or not to squish.

The Diary of a Worm (Harry Bliss):  This is such a cute book.  It follows a worm as he goes through his day to day activities.  It is a very humorous read.

The Very Quiet Cricket (Eric Carle):  I had to include one by Eric Carle, of course!  This book is about a cricket who can’t sing – wait for the surprise ending…

BTW, what did one girl firefly  say to the other?     You glow girl!     

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2 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Colour Bugs-Orange

  1. stella says:

    Love your bug book references. I might just have to stop by the library to check them out!

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