Art Journaling Idea

I’ve been trying to art journal more lately. Sometimes, though, I can’t think of a thing to put onto paper. Thank heavens for the internet and blogs as sources of ideas!

One artist blog I follow is Donna Downey’s blog. She has an on-line course that is called 48 weeks.  It is a year of art journal ideas and accompanying techniques. However, it costs over $600 and would need more of a time investment than I can commit to right now.  So I just have been checking out her blog posts on what they have been creating as an inspiration source. I don’t get the insider technique tips but I play around.  Her creations are definitely more involved and polished than the ones I come up with are.  My aim, however, is not to have polished pieces.  My aim is to have fun while engaging in a quick, creative output session.  Here are some pages I’ve made based on her posts:

art journal 1

This journal page was inspired by her Week 1 image (see her far more polished pic below).  I did collage and acrylics for mine.  (

Week 1 + frame

art journal 2This page was inspired by her image for Week 2 (again her pic below).  For mine I used acrylic and an ink pen.

Week 2 + frame

art journal 3

For this journal page I played with my pencil crayons and black pens.  It was inspired by Donna’s image for Week 4 of her class (see her pic below).

Week 4 + frame

So while her pages are more works of art and mine are exercises in creativity, I’ve been having fun with the different subject matter ideas.

Where do you find inspiration?

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2 Responses to Art Journaling Idea

  1. Ailene says:

    Those pages look like so much fun. I love the colours! Are you using a multi media journal or just a regular sketch book?

    • It’s my current fave art workbook. It’s a Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal. The paper still buckles a bit if I put lots of paint or water on it but I think that would happen with any paper product and it definitely holds up much better than most!

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