Creative Kids Moment: Green “Bug”

Snail 2 - Copy

Yes, I know, a snail is not an insect-it is a molusk-but we are calling it our love bug so it counts:)  C recently became very curious and a fan of snails after seeing them crawling up the parkade wall.  I love how walks with C become reminders for me to slow down and to remember to notice things.

Snail 1I set up the supplies before C sat down.  These included a plate painted green (I drew on the swirl with a Sharpe after the paint dried), googly eyes, glue, a paint brush to apply the glue with, and, cut from coloured paper, some antennae, a body, and a bunch of various sized hearts.  Again, I used scrapbooking paper instead of construction paper because I love the patterning but construction paper would work just fine as well.

To start we glued the antennae onto the back side of the body and then the body onto the back side of the plate.  After which C glued hearts all over the snail-his favourite part because he got to use lots of glue everywhere (literally everywhere – there was glue on the table, under the table, on C, on C’s clothes, on mama-EVERYWHERE).  Last he glued on the googly eyes.  I added a black marker smile to finish it off once all that glue had dried.

Our bug rainbow so far:

Snail 3

As for books on snails, there are lots!  Obviously, we are not the only fans of snails.  Here are some faves:

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.  Doesn’t the title alone make you want to pick it up?  This is a “tail” about a hitchhiking snail who wants to see the world and gets to show that even if you are little, you can be a big help.

Who Ate All the Lettuce? by Rebecca Elliot.  This is a pop up and lift the flap book where you follow the slime trail and meet lots of garden inhabitants en route to solving the lettuce muncher mystery.

Slugs in Love by Susan Pearson.  This story is about a shy slug’s love for another slug (perfect for our love bug slant!).

-Movie Bonus: Turbo.  This movie is a cute tale about a snail with racing dreams.  I enjoyed it:)


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2 Responses to Creative Kids Moment: Green “Bug”

  1. Stella says:

    Haha, I love the collection you are forming over there! So cute and colorful!

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