Creative Kids Moment: Colour bugs – Blue

Fly Pic

We went simple and common for our blue bug: a blue fly.

The supply list for this one was a paper plate painted blue, 3 black pipe cleaners cut in half, a paper half circle piece with a “neck” (I used patterned scrapbooking paper but you could just use normal construction paper), 2 big googly eyes, 2 paper antennae, wax paper wings, and glue.

Fly 1

This bug is pretty straight forward to put together.  To start, C drew lines on the blue paper plate to suggest body segments.  Then we flipped the plate over and C glued on the head, the antennae, and the legs onto the back.

As that dried, we made the wings.  C drew on wax paper with a Sharpe.  Then I cut out wings from the paper and traced the edge of them with the Sharpe to better define their shape.  Once the glue on the back of the plate was dried, we glued the final touches on the front.  This involved C gluing on the eyes and the wings.

Our bug rainbow is getting close to done…

Fly 3

Here are some toddler-friendly books on flies:

Diary of a Fly by Doreen Cronin: If a fly wrote a diary, this is what it might tell you.  Super cute and funny book.

Fly Guy series by Ted Arnold: These books are a bit more complex and a bit of an older read but very entertaining.  I think there are a dozen books in the series now so pretty much any situation you can think of, Fly Guy has been in it!

– Flies by Sian Smith: This is a non-fiction, rhyming text geared perfectly for the young crowd.  The photos are great too with lots of fabulous close up shots.
Bonus: a fly joke

Why do flies chase garbage trucks?       (They love fast food!)


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