Creative Kids Moment: Colour Bugs – Purple

Our bug rainbow is complete! For purple, we did a butterfly.




Butterfly 1The supplies you need for this project include a purple paper plate, two black pipe cleaners, glue, a paintbrush, and two googly eyes. For decoration, what you use can vary depending on what your child likes. We opened our art cupboard and C picked buttons and pompoms.  I was encouraging sequins but he was having none of it.  You could also use paint and fold the butterfly in half like we did for the Orange bug.

Butterfly 3To start we twisted the pipe cleaners around the plate.  We twisted a short amount on the bottom and left a longer stretch at the top to make the antennae.  Then C glued on the eyes.  Afterwards C put on more glue than you can imagine and went to town with buttons (“The green ones are my favourite, mommy”) and pompoms.  He used all the ones I had thought we would use for the whole butterfly on just one side.  So whatever decorations you use, have a lot of them!

Butterfly 4The last touch is adding wings.  I just happened to have some purple checkered cellophane paper but you could easily substitute plain purple cellophane or tissue paper.  If you use tissue paper, I personally would scrunch the pieces up to add texture.  I cut out four wings and flipped the butterfly over.  C, as per usual, went heavy with the glue.  Then he put the wings on the butterfly.  The only instructions I gave him were “only two wings per side”.

Here is our finished bug rainbow:

Butterfly 6

Some butterfly books I think are great for the toddler audience include:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  A classic about a caterpillar who eats his way to his cocoon!

Butterfly, Butterfly: A Book of Colours by Petr Horacek.  The perfect match book for our colour bug series!

Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert.  Another favourite illustrator (and writer) of mine.  The pictures will blow you away and the lyrical rhymes are a perfect for little ones.

Happy creating and reading!


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