Easter Cookies!

Between C’s birthday coming up on Tuesday and the family Easter dinners we are attending this weekend, I decided C and I would make some cookies.  I looked up a random sugar cookie recipe on line (here’s the one I went with: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/the-best-rolled-sugar-cookies/).

Rolling cookiesC helped me make the dough.  He loves using measuring cups and spoons.  Previously, however, the egg beater has scared him a bit but this time he LOVED it!

Rolling out the dough was a new and pleasurable experience as well, especially the part about adding flour so the dough wouldn’t stick.

Cookies 2I didn’t have Easter cookie cutters per se but I had a duck and a butterfly one and then C insisted on the horse, fish, and sailboat cutters.  I also fashioned an egg shaped cookie cutter from an empty can that I squished a bit to make into an oval shape – hey, it worked!

C was so excited about using the cookie cutters, we could barely roll the dough in time.  So far cookie making was a total hit in terms of interest!

Icing ingredientsAfter we baked them, we tested them out.  They were tasty as is but I thought adding icing would take them to the next level – both in taste and in fun.  The original plan was for us to make the icing but time wasn’t on our side.  I went the quick and easy way and bought icing (I know, I bad:).

Icing baseEven though the icing was bought, the fun was full on.

First, C helped me spread the base icing on.  Though it was a bit tricky, I had him use a little spread knife and he did quite well actually.

Cookie decoratingAdding the coloured icing was the part he liked best.  These tubes were actually great for his little hands.

I let him do whatever he wanted and yes, there were some icing puddles, but the end result worked out really great.

Q decoratingWith hand-over-hand help, Q also could take part in decorating cookies.  Even though she couldn’t do it independently, she had a lot of fun being part of the cookie designing.

It’s been really fun as Q has been getting older because now she can participate more in activities.  This was our first family baking session!

CookiesHere are our finished creations! Cookies!

We will be proud to bring them to our Easter dinners and share them with C’s buddies in honour of his birthday:)


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