How Can It Be That You are Three?!

Earlier this week my son turned three.  Below is one of my favourite pictures of him from 2013.  For me, it captures the wonder and amazement that comes with his age.  And, lucky me, I get to share in the beauty of it all.

It was a jellyfish invasion at Vancouver's Aquarium recently.

It was a jellyfish invasion at Vancouver’s Aquarium recently.


To my darling boy,

How can it be that you are turning three?! Three years ago you joined our lives and I can’t imagine how we existed without you. I’ll be honest, there are exasperating days, but way more often there is an expanding amount of joy. You delight us more and more with each passing day.

There are so many things I appreciate about you. You are funny. You make up silly sounds and pull faces – all to get a laugh. After a bath, you run around the house calling out, “Naked boy!”  I keep waiting for you to add “to the rescue” (though I’m not sure what the secret power behind nakedness would be – except for the cuteness factor).  You have rhythm.  Recently you started dancing with what are, without a doubt, the cutest little bops and arm gestures I have EVER seen. 

You are decisive.  It is very clear what you like and want and when you like and want things (usually now).  You are passionate and intense about your interests.  If you could make a current top 5 faves list, it would include: 1) Lightning McQueen, 2) Thomas the Tank Engine, 3) stickers, 4) trucks, and 5)animals.

You are artistic.  Many nights you will request crayons and you LOVE to paint.  The towers you build are very impressive and always include elevators (you definitely are a condo child).  You are intelligent. You can already count past ten and know many of your shapes and letters.  Books should actually be in your top 5 faves list too as you devour them. When you “read” Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton, the way you say “Oops” pretty much melts mommy’s heart every time.

Besides “oops”, my other top C quotes of late include how you say “Oh dear” when you drop something and how, when asked your name, you give yourself the middle name of Lightning McQueen. It also cracks me up when we have the following conversation:

C: “Excuse me.”

Mommy: “You’re excused.”

C (laughing): “I’m not excused, Mommy, I’m C.”

This past year has been a big one for you as you have adjusted to being a big brother. This change has been both a challenge and a joy for you. There is pushing at times and sharing can be a struggle but you love to make Q laugh and play peak-a-boo with her. When she is crying, you will often bring her a toy or a cracker to try and make her happy. You like to hold her hand across the car seats in the car and when we go for a walk. I see a friendship blooming and it makes my heart swell.

The twos have had their challenges, the tantrums sometimes overwhelming, but the pleasures far outweigh anything else. I love how you can now tell us what you are thinking and feeling: “You are my friend, mommy.” Sometimes when you are in my arms, my love for you washes over me and I just want to hold you in that moment and want time to still.  But, of course, time marches on and, so thankfully, new beautiful moments come up all the time. 

I look forward to our journey together, to the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the struggles.  You have brought a fullness and deepness to our lives that goes beyond what words can entirely express.  Just always know we are so happy and thankful you are in our lives.

Happy birthday big boy.  We love you all the way to Misty Island and back.

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15 Responses to How Can It Be That You are Three?!

  1. Susan Nash says:

    What a heartwarming sharing you have written. C & Q are lucky to have you as their Mom!! xo

  2. Susan Nash says:

    And, I cannot believe C is three!!! Before you know it, C will be 24 and Q will be 21…..

  3. Arwyn says:

    Ren, that was so beautifully written and captures the deep love and joy you have for your lucky little guy. You inspire me to try and write more about, for, and to my children. Thank you.

  4. So much love! These kind of posts are just so special, you will love reading back on it in the years to come and reminding yourself of all those sweet little things your boy did at 3. Love the photo too!

  5. Aaww, 3 is such a fun age. It’s amazing how quickly they grow, and how you can’t imagine your life without them already.

  6. Stella says:

    Such a sweet post, happy belated bday C!!!

  7. Valerie says:

    My son is turning 3 this week and he is a very good kid. He had a big challenge when the twins arrived but it lasted 6 weeks now he kisses them and hugging them all day!

  8. Three is such a big year…. enjoy!

  9. ailene says:

    What a lovely birthday post for Connor. I felt teary just reading it.

    • I sometimes get teary thinking how big he is already and that he’ll only be my little boy for such a short time. Makes me want to go wake him up from sleep for a cuddle while he is still small enough to hold in my arms (though of course I won’t:)

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