Painting Project: January Serendipity Painting

This was a really interesting painting project and took longer to complete but I really enjoyed the process for this one times ten.

Moon Take 1This was where I started off.  I was inspired by a large moon and wanted to try to recreate the feeling.

I was aiming for bold lines and big impact but it felt too obvious and too centred.  Thankfully acrylics are very forgiving.  So it was back to the drawing (well, painting) board…

Moon background re-doVan Gogh’s Starry Night is one of my favourites so I took inspiration from it.  I went with the rich blue sky and the circles and the spots of light.

I made the moon smaller and the sky became more of the focal point.  The green fields now weren’t working though.

Moon Bottom Take II wasn’t at all sure where to go with the bottom part so I started by switching the colour.  Orange tones are colour opposites of blue so I decided to try those shades out in an attempt to make the blue pop as I was really liking the sky and felt that was a strength in the painting so far.

As well at this stage, I tried putting in a building, made the moon white, and put in a circle for the character’s face.

Moon background IIIThough I liked the orange tones, I felt they were too bright.  I deepened the tones to a more rusty orange mixed with brown undertones and went for a kind of sponge application.

For the moon, I used paper with the text of personal writing on it.  For the face I used music papers that I downloaded for free off the internet.

Moon background completeAfter feeling I had hit a roadblock with the background, it started to come together in a way I really liked.  I added some detailing to suggest hills and added a fence on the nearest one.

I added a body under my face.  As per usual, it took some tries to find a colour that I felt worked for the dress.  So far I liked my sky, my lower background, and my moon size.  Now to try to make my character shine through.

Moon girl detailI went with the rectangle nose again and wanted to play with colour in her face.  I changed her necklace and added in some feathers.  I also gave her my mole:)

The upward lines off her head were a mistake at the beginning but I went with it and added more.  I felt they worked with the rest of the vibe.

Moon Background detail

I love text in paintings.  Thinking hard about what message I wanted to put in the work, I went with “beneath a thousand stars, I shine”.


Moon completed




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