Creative Kids: Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day Card

I love the way our (Grand)Mother’s Day cards turned out this year.  The style makes me think of an Eric Carle illustration mixed with Lois Ehlert’s Planting a Rainbow.

Painting PagesTo start the project off, C did three sheets of painted pages.  I gave him pallets with two or three complimentary colours at a time. 

I went with blue/green/yellow for the stems and then  red/pink/purple and yellow/orange for the flowers.  The mix of colours added to the visual texture of the pages.

TracingAfter that C “helped” me trace a jar lid to make the circles.  After he helped, I traced a baby food jar for the big circles and a glue stick top for the small ones.  Then I free cut three larger circles (one for each card).

As C is now 3, I got him some scissors.  I had him cut out strips (more like random wedges) for the stems.  At first, he needed some help but he quickly got into it (to the point of having a tantrum when I tried to take the scissors away and transition to something else).  I cut the circles out solo.

GluingWe tried gluing with a glue stick for this craft.  He’d do the first application and then I’d top it up (and get the corners, etc).  We glued all the stems on to start.

Next we glued a little circle on a bigger circle.  For one flower per card we made a three layered flower.  He then glued the flowers onto the cards.

ButtonsThey looked great as they were but C loves adding embellishments so I pulled out the buttons.  We needed white glue to attach these which made C very happy because painting on glue is like painting in general to him:)

The texture and colour from the buttons did add a little something extra.

(Grand)mother's Day Cards

Depending on how he arranged the flowers, I found space to add words with a green felt (bunch of flowers–>love you a bunch:). 

I love how these flowers turned out. I think they’d look great as a mixed media piece on canvas.  Hmmm, maybe a project for the summer…

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6 Responses to Creative Kids: Mother’s Day Card

  1. salma says:

    The cards turned out really lovely! I tried to pin it but I didn’t see where I could do that?

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