Herb Garden: Sowing Seeds

Our Seed Bags

I’ve decided I want a little herb garden.  Rumour has it, it’s hard to do a herb garden from seed indoors.  However, C loves dirt and is very curious about how things work so I figure we’ll give it a try and make it a learning experience either way. 

Painting pots

C painted some empty bean cans to add a personal touch to our “pots”. 

 I had him paint a solid colour base coat first and once that had dried gave him a selection of colours with which to decorate. 

After that coat had also dried, we put on a top coat of mod podge to protect and seal our “pots”.

Seeds into bagsTo give the seeds a better start and to allow C to see the first shoots of the growing process, we put a wet folded piece of paper towel into a baggie.  I poured seeds into a little cup and C transferred them onto the paper towel.

Be sure to label the bags if you are doing more than one kind of seed and if your memory is anything like mine or you’ll be growing mystery plants!
Now the hardest part…wait for sprouts…
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One Response to Herb Garden: Sowing Seeds

  1. salmadinani says:

    I think that’s a really great idea. We did it on our small balcony when we lived in
    Winnipeg and it worked pretty well and Keuan was in charge of watering everyday. Good luck with the indoor herbs!

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