Herb Garden: Planting Sprouts

Planting Sprouts
Magnifying glassesOur seeds sprouted beautifully.  It was fun to watch them grow.  After a week, we checked out our seeds and sprouts under some magnifying glasses. 
I didn’t think about all the assumed behaviours involved with using magifying glasses.  I had to go back to the basics and show C how to close one eye and how to line up his open eye with the glass.  He got it after a couple tries and thought it was quite fun.
Holes and rocks
To get ready for planting we needed to allow for some drainage. 
Using a nail, I hammered a half dozen holes in the bottoms of the cans.  Then C added rocks that he and Q had collected from the park to the bottom of the can. 
Adding the rocks was one of C’s favourite part of the whole planting process, he loved the noise the rocks made falling into the can:)
Adding soilTechnically we should have picked up better soil – supposedly light-sandy soil with perlite is prefered by most herbs – but as we needed so little soil, I just took what was left over from a fellow teacher’s class planting project.  
C filled up our cans until they were 3/4 full.  Then he added in some of our germinated seeds.  Finally he topped up the cans with soil.
As I’ve been told that strong light is critical to herbs, we are growing them on the patio.  The picture below is a week after planting.  The parsley and the chives have popped up quickly but we are still waiting for oregano to make its entrance:)
After a week of growing
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