Top 30, Baby!

Top 30

Woo-hoo!  I was chosen as one of Vancouver Mom’s Top 30 Bloggers of 2014.  It’s exciting to be chosen and to be part of such an amazing list of blogs.

It’s just over a year now since I started blogging and it has been a great experience.  I love it because it keeps me accountable to being creative and to crafting with my kids.  I’ve also enjoyed being part of the on-line blogger community.  I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed the cyper space interplay.  I am truly appreciative to everyone who has followed my blog (and even more overjoyed when anyone comments:).  So thank-you!

Getting back to that Top 30 list, according to Vancouver Mom, we’ve all already won in their eyes. They are throwing an event mid-June in our honour so we can all meet (and eat chocolate and drink champagne – sounds good to me!).

That being said, there is still voting going on.  They’ve posted all of our sites on their blog and have opened up voting for the public to decide the top four.  Voting is going on for two weeks and you are allowed one vote per week.

I’d love the vote if you have a minute to go to the link (  There are a lot of other great bloggers on the list to check out as well if you are interested:)

Thanks again for the follow and happy Friday to all!


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2 Responses to Top 30, Baby!

  1. salmadinani says:

    Congratulations on being selected as on the top 30 bloggers, that’s so great! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog.

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