Greek Salad Days of Summer

Greek saladThe sun is out and I’m already dreaming of summer tomatoes.  Heritage tomatoes are my fave but, in our household, we consume a vast quantity of all types.  Tomatoes are one of the few vegetables my kids will eat raw (yes, I know, it’s technically a fruit but I’m claiming it as a veg my kids will eat).

Even when it is not summer, Greek salad is a favourite staple at our house.  We put in the usual red onion, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, and feta.  There are a couple of short cuts I take to make it more weeknight friendly.  On Sunday I pre-cut the onion and the peppers into strips.  Also, I’ll often use cherry tomatoes that I just cut in half.  Quick and easy!

Where I don’t cut corners is with the dressing.  After all, it’s the dressing that can really make the salad.  This simple, tasty recipe is one I got off the internet (originally from though the link doesn’t work anymore) but then I add a little something-something extra (aka balsamic dressing) to take this recipe from good to fabulous:)

1 tsp        dried oregano

¼ tsp      salt

½ tsp      pepper

½ tsp      Dijon mustard

2              garlic cloves

¼ c          red wine vinegar

½ c          olive oil

dash         balsamic vinegar

Mix ingredients together with a whisk.  Pour on your salad and enjoy while dreaming of summer tomatoes with me:)


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3 Responses to Greek Salad Days of Summer

  1. Susan Nash says:

    You shared your recipe with me last summer and we love it. Although, I have cut the garlic in half…. Thank you!!

  2. ShuswapMom says:

    Love Greek salad 😋 will try your recipe for dressing out on my next one. Thanks for sharing. Just started following your blog and loving it. Have a beautiful week

  3. salma says:

    That dressing sounds great! I pinned it to try next time we have greek salad.

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