Creative Kids: Dandelion Vase

Kid vase

‘Tis the season of dandelion offerings!  I think it is so sweet that C has started to gather flowers for me.  However, we didn’t have a kid friendly (i.e. – not glass or tippy) vase to put these bouquets in.  So, of course, we made one!

Vase baseBefore we started, I removed the tab from the can.  Then C tried to just paint the can.  However, paint alone wasn’t doing the job.

So we adapted, we painted and applied little squares of tissue paper.

Vase paintAfter that layer was dried, C picked his favourite colours of the moment and decorated the can.

Once the paint dried, we applied the finishing touch: mod podge.

Add dandelions and you’ve got yourself a cute, kid-friendly vase to grace your table:)


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One Response to Creative Kids: Dandelion Vase

  1. salma says:

    That is really cute!

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