Creative Kids: Father’s Day Baseball Theme

My husband LOVES baseball.  That love inspired our theme for his Father’s day card and decorations this year.  These crafts were more me designed and then I gave the kids crayons and they decorated.


Not all Superheroes

Baseball card insideOur card is simple.  I saw a similar layout on Pinterest at one point but when I went back to try to find it I couldn’t find it for the life of me – I tried to give credit!  For my card I took a white card and made “stiches” along either side with a red felt.  I typed up “Not all superheroes wear capes” (could not figure out who to credit for this one.  I’ve seen it on numerous t-shirts and posters).  I did each word in a different font to suggest stamping.

Then inside I typed up “Some are called daddy and play baseball.”  That sentiment I made up (my hubby is an amazing father so it is very true:)  I had the kids draw inside the card with crayon to add their own “signatures”.



We also made a couple Happy Father’s Day decorations to put up around the house.

MVD award iv

MVD award iiI liked this baseball bat and ball combo.  I got the idea from a pin of Allison McDonald’s (No Time For Flashcards

We haven’t done a weaving activity lately so I liked that it would let Connor work on his fine motor skills too.  I taped the end of a piece of red ribbon so it had a point like a shoelace to make it easier to weave.

MVD award iiiMy hole punch could only reach the ones around the edges so I used a pen to punch through the others.

I also changed the words on our bat to make it “an award”.  The phrase is one I first saw on a t-shirt: “MVD: Most Valuable Dad” Award.

We love daddy poster

Then we also made this poster.  I cut out letters spelling “We (heart) you daddy” and put the red stitching on them again.  Then I cut out beige construction paper to make a sort of stylized baseball diamond outlined with black felt.  I had C glue the words on (I helped to make sure letters in right order).  Then both C and Q got to colour the poster.


baseball tags ii

Baseball tagsAs for our gifts, I drew a baseball, a bat, and a glove on cardstock.  Then I had C decorate the paper.  Afterwards, I cut out the shapes, wrote Happy Father’s Day (one word per tag), and then C helped me string them with red string.  We will hang the tags off three of a six pack of daddy’s favourite beer bottles (Corona’s are my fave, haven’t picked up J’s fave yet).


For our second gift, I had the kids hold the “We (heart) Daddy” sign and took their picture to make a mug for daddy.  It won’t be ready on time but it’s the thought that counts, right?


By the way, thanks to everyone who voted for me.  The celebration event is this Thursday.  I’m excited to party with the other blog ladies. 

Congrats to the top 6: Tamara Goyette of Discovering ParenthoodLouise Chapman of Talk Nerdy To Me, Jamie Khau of Styling the InsideTara Cannon of Pint Size PilotAgnes Mayer of Vodka Infused Lemonade, and Shaunna Prentis of The Mis-Adventures of Mommyhood.  I placed 17 and I’m pretty pleased about that so thanks again for the votes!

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