Creative Kids: Handprint Cards

Handprint art is great for it’s flexibility.  Pick an appropriate colour/colours, add some details, and you can make pretty much any object from handprints.  We have a bunch of June birthdays coming up so we made three cards this weekend.

Bloomin' good time

The first card we made is a classic handprint garden.  I helped Q dip her hand in a tray of three colours of paint.  C then helped by cutting strips out of a green and blue painted page he had done a while ago.  These became the stems and grass.  Inside I wrote, “Hope you have a bloomin’ good time on your birthday!”

Truck load of fun

C wanted to make trucks.  We started off with a dump truck made from some blue and pink C handprints we had lying around.  After gluing them onto the card, I used a Sharpe to draw a cab over one handprint.  Then I cut out a dump bed (with “windows” so you could see the hand more) and wheels.  C glued them on.  Inside I wrote, “Hope you have a truck load of fun on your birthday!”

Blazing Good Time

Our piece de resistance was our fire truck (well, it’s my favourite one).  We did a red handprint for this one.  After it dried, I used Sharpe to very loosely draw the front end and siren of a fire truck.  Then C glued on the ladder and wheels I had cut out.  Inside I wrote, “Hope you have a blazing good time on your birthday!”

After we finished the fire truck, C insisted on making a blue handprint and a green handprint.  He wants to make a recycling truck and a garbage truck.  Any suggestions of sayings to go inside those cards?  All I’ve come up with so far are: “Make sure to follow the three Rs of birthdays: relax, r-,  and r-” (haven’t thought of two more r words yet) and “Hope you birthday isn’t the dumps!”  There’s got to be something better out there…


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One Response to Creative Kids: Handprint Cards

  1. What a great idea. I’ll have to try that, maybe Christmas gifts for the grandparents. Great idea!!!!


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